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What is social media online Summit?

Social media marketing changes FAST. And that's why every year, since 2018, thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers sign up for Social Media Online Summit to learn the latest, the hottest, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in social media marketing.

Not every one is able to attend the largest in-person marketing conferences, which is why Social Media Online Summit is the internet's LARGEST social media conference that you can attend from home, office, or anywhere on the road.

If you're an entrepreneur, marketing professional, agency owner, or consultant, Social Media Online Summit is created just for YOU.

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We’ve brought together 40 of the world’s social media experts, influencers, and entrepreneurs to share the cutting-edge social media marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business online.

They’ll show you how to use social media to build a brand, grow an audience, and make millions from your content. If you want to grow your business and brand online, whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else, this is an online event you can’t afford to miss.

At Social Media Online Summit 2020, you get the step-by-step instructions on how to grow your social media channels – in record time. Get lifetime access to each session, and you’ll learn how to grow your social following and then turn your followers into sales… And much, much more.

This exclusive pre-recorded online conference is broken down into 8 easy-to-follow sections to help your brand grow faster:



From planning a comprehensive social media strategy to turning your social media followers into loyal fans, our speakers will cover everything from the basics to trending social media topics.


Are you wondering how to best use Facebook for your business? As the #1 social media platform used by businesses, you’ll learn how to easily & effectively use Facebook to drive customer success and sales through organic and paid means.


Learn the tactics used by top Instagram influencers and experts on getting your products and brand seen by more people, while growing a strong following of customers who really relate to your brand.


Wondering how Twitter works for businesses? Our experts in Twitter share their most valuable strategies on using Twitter to take your business to the next level.



Pinterest is an amazing way to get your product or service “discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do.” Speakers share how to tactics to drive 1,000s of leads & customers through Pinterest.



Learn from the experts the key to producing hot viral videos for YouTube, getting your videos to rank, maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel to drive brand awareness and discovery, as well as building a community.



2019 will see the rise of LinkedIn. With the average household income per LinkedIn user hitting $109,000 and 49% of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes, businesses and marketers can no longer afford to ignore using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategies.
tik tok logo


There’s a new social media kid in town, and its explosive growth shows no signs of slowing down. Learn how brands can use TikTok, a social media app centered on short-form mobile videos accompanied by musical overlays and augmented reality-powered visual effects.


Check out some highlight clips of the sessions you’ll be attending at SMOS2020.

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Show Up And Engage Your Community On Social Media In 2020

Engagement and social listening is evolving on social media in 2020, so what do brands need to do to evolve with it? In this session, understand how both brands and social engagement are changing, and what it means for both small and big businesses.
Dan Willis
Dan Willis is the Millennial Motivator, an international public speaker engaging audiences on how community and relationships are the future of marketing in the millennial marketplace. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The ‘Social’ In Social Media: Why Your Audience Needs To Care About You Before They Care About Your Offer

Why do some marketers do everything right on social media, but don’t get the traction they imagine? In this session, you will learn why social media is all about people over business, and why your audience needs to care about you before they care about your offer. By the end of this session, you will walk away with an understanding of how to engage with your community on social media.
Denise Alison
Denise Alison is a social media strategist who help entrepreneurs get more visibility, leads, and clients with social media, in less time.

How local businesses can use content to generate more leads and close more sales

Content creation is not always easy, especially for local businesses. However, it can be one of the single best ways to generate more leads and convert more clients when done correctly. In this session, you will learn how you can become a content creation machine, and how to leverage it with paid advertising.
Allie Bloyd
Allie Bloyd is the owner of marketing agency, Allie Bloyd Media. She specialize in marketing home improvement, real estate and larger local businesses. Allie has spoken at Social Media Marketing World, and has been featured by Digital Marker and more.

How to get more out of your social media content

Social media marketing can feel like it's getting harder. Audiences are less trusting and pickier about content. Organic reach is decreasing. This means we can't spend time creating content that won't get seen. By the end of this presentation, you will walk away with an understanding of what you can do to make the most out of your social media content.
Maura Hughes
maura hughes
Maura Hughes is the Digital Content Manager for MeetEdgar and the "face behind the handle" of MeetEdgar's social media. A former solopreneur herself, Maura loves all things digital, social and entrepreneurship!

Organic Social Media Isn't Dead: How to Leverage the Power of Organic Social Media

Can you gain traction on social media without paying for ads? During this session, you'll learn about the role of organic social media in your digital marketing mix and why organic reach isn't dead in 2020. You'll learn some of the strategies that you can implement to boost your social media marketing results by leveraging the power of organic social. 
Lenka Koppova
Lenka Koppova
Lenka Koppová is a Social Media Consultant and the founder of Cambridge Social Media. She helps small businesses to grow and achieve their goals by using organic social media. Lenka also runs the annual Cambridge Social Media Day in Cambridge, England.

IRL Still Matters: How to Use Social Media Before, During and After In-Person Events to Build Your Brand

If you run in-person events and conferences, then this session is just for you. Using social media in conjunction with hosting and organizing in-person events have been the #1 way that Tim Sohn has gotten leads for his social media & PR agency. By the end of this session, you will learn how you can use social media (before, during and after events) to attract potential clients/customers to memorable in-person events, leading some of them to become clients.
Tim Sohn
Tim Sohn of Sohn Social Media Solutions works with restaurants and brick and mortar stores to attract more customers; and events to sell more tickets through powerful social media and public relations solutions such as social media management, social media advertising, shooting photos and videos and engaging with your audience at live events, and more. He is also host of The Tim & Jim Show and The Family First Show. Connect with Tim at

How to Build A Community On Social Media A.K.A Your Digital Neighborhood

Your community is no longer okay with being sold to; e-mails are ignored (or worse, unsubscribed from!), phone calls are screened, and DM's are ghosted. So, how do we as marketers win back our audiences? In this session, learn the 3 steps to engaging and grow your online community a.k.a your digital neighborhood. You will learn how to create fans of your company culture and products without looking like a door-to-door salesman.
Krissy Buck
krissy buck
Krissy Buck is the owner of The Digital Neighborhood where she teaches businesses how to humanize their brands and build online inclusive communities. She has spent the last decade learning, practicing, and teaching what it means to engage with other people in all contexts. She has a background in photography, videography, graphic design, and digital marketing. Krissy spends her free time serving the entrepreneur community in Wichita, KS and is the LinkedIn Local Wichita host.

How To Build A Brand Based On Authority And A Common Thread

Developing a personal brand is one of the most effective ways of growing a business and creating opportunities for yourself. By the end of this session, you will walk away with a clear understanding of how you can move from a world of intrusion and blatancy to collaboration and authority.
Ben M Roberts
Ben M Roberts
Ben M Roberts is the author of ‘Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority’, founder and host of ‘The Marketing Buzzword Podcast’, the SEO & Social Media Guy at Promote Online, a SaaS Technology Start-Up and an international conference speaker. In 2018 he was named Wales’ no.1 business professional male under 35. He also writes for a number of notable online business and marketing publications, as well as having a growing portfolio of press features and mentions in Wales, the UK, and around the world.

How To Use Facebook Messenger Marketing To Grow And Scale Your Business

What are some tried-and-proven messenger marketing strategies that you can adopt for your business? In this session, Chrystabelle shares her top messenger marketing strategies and use cases.
Chrystabelle is the host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast and founder of Chrys Media, a Messenger marketing agency for high-ticket service providers. She has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Day Houston, Social Media Week Austin, and has been featured by Thinkific, MeetEdgar, Buffer and more.

Facebook Ads In 2020: What's Working Now And How To Stop The Scroll

As Facebook continues to change its algorithm, finding the right Facebook marketing strategy can be challenging for businesses. What worked in 2019 might not work in 2020. In this session, Facebook ads expert Tony Christensen talks about what's working now with Facebook ads in 2020. By the end of this session, you will walk away with a clearer understanding of how to use Facebook ads correctly and how to stop the scroll.
Tony Christensen
TONY Christensen
Tony Christensen is a creator, speaker and self-proclaimed, “marketing nerd” who is obsessed with Facebook & Instagram advertising. He is the founder of marketing agency, Tony Does Ads. He has created and optimized advertising campaigns for keynote speakers, conferences, and business owners around the world with budgets as high as the millions a month in advertising spend.

How To Build A Facebook Ad Funnel In 2020

What is a Facebook ad funnel and how do you create one? Which Facebook ad funnels used to work but don't in 2020? By the end of this session, you will learn how to create a Facebook ad funnel and know how to measure its effectiveness.
Azriel Ratz
azriel ratz
Azriel Ratz is the CEO of Ratz Pack Media. He specializes in advertising high ticket products and has extensive experience in ad management for diverse markets, including B2B, SaaS, online publishing, apps, and more. His expertise in Facebook ads is proven by his excellent track record of generating an average return of 500% on ad investment. Azriel is a distinguished and sought-after speaker for podcasts and live events. He has given presentations to large audiences, including Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Day San Diego.

How to target cold audiences with Facebook Ads

How do you target a cold audience a.k.a people who don't know of your brand, on Facebook using Facebook ads? In this tactical session, you will learn how to set up your Facebook ads to target cold audiences.
Jaymie Tarshis-min
Jaymie Tarshis
Jaymie Tarshis is a Facebook ad strategist and marketing consultant who spends her days consulting with entrepreneurs and passionate business owners on how to leverage the power of Facebook Ads and the internet to quickly grow their brand.

facebook ads for e-Commerce: how to generate sales fast

Want to grow your e-commerce sales using Facebook Ads? In this session, Charlie Lawrance shares his Facebook ads strategies for e-commerce, plus the ALL Framework that he’d developed and how to apply the framework to e-commerce Facebook ads funnel.
Charlie Lawrance
Charlie Lawrance
Charlie Lawrance is the founder & CEO of digital marketing agency Gecko². He works with SMEs to generate leads and increase revenue through Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. He is also a writer at Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today.

Dollar-A-Day Facebook Advertising Strategies

Did you know that it is possible to run Facebook ads on just a dollar a day? In this session, you will learn the 3 phases of advertising, case studies, and you will walk away with Sally's dollar-a-day Facebook advertising strategies.
Sally Hendrick
Sally Hendrick is the CEO of Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC. Before leaving the corporate world in 2016, Sally spent 3 years developing digital marketing education courses inside her online academy, Social Media Traffic School. At the same time, she has helped clients grow and scale their businesses with her advertising services via her new agency, Clean Slate Advertising.

The Secret To Profitable Facebook Ads: Return On Ad Spend

Do you know what is the most important stat for Facebook advertising? Yup, it's the ROAS or Return on Ad Spend. In this session, you will learn how to calculate your ROAS and how to properly test your initial audiences and scale them with a focus on the ROAS.
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios
Orlando Rios is the founder of Dropkick Ads, a boutique marketing agency offering creative content and full brand management across the digital realm. 

Organic Facebook Marketing: How to Develop Your Facebook Content Strategy

Having a Facebook content strategy is important because you'll want to create your foundation so each piece of content is brand consistent. By the end of this session, you will understand how to create a Facebook editorial calendar and plan content that will help you with Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm.
melissa goldstein
Melissa Goldstein
Melissa Goldstein is the founder of One Part Social, which offers personalized social media services to give clients what they need to grow their business without big budgets or their own marketing department. Melissa has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Day Philadelphia.

How To Launch Your Facebook Live Show

Did you know that Facebook Live videos capture viewers' attention 3x longer than regular videos? One of the most important social media engagement metrics is time. And with Facebook's 2 billion monthly users spending more time watching live video, just imagine how much exposure you can tap into with your very own Facebook Live Show. At the end of this session, you'll get your hands on a steal-worthy launch plan to captivate audiences online. You will learn the step-by-step on how to have viewers buzzing with excitement before you even start streaming.
Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu is a Digital Marketing Strategist that combines the power of human behavior and live video. After launching Lights, Camera, Live®, she has helped thousands of marketers successfully build their brand and bottom line with live streaming. Stephanie has been featured in Forbes and has spoken at Social Media Marketing World, VidCon, and the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. She’s also the co-author of co-author of the upcoming book, "The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing."

10 creative and unique ways you can use instagram stories to connect & engage with your audience

With more than 500 million people using Instagram Stories per day, it would be a missed opportunity not to engage with your audience using Instagram Stories. Teresa will be sharing examples and strategies that will ignite your Instagram marketing. By the end of this session, you will understand how to use Instagram Stories creatively to engage and build your audience.
Teresa Heath-Wareing
Teresa heath-wareing 
Teresa Heath-Wareing is a social media & marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business online. She is one of the UK’s leading expert on social media marketing, and has spoken on many stages such as Social Day,, AtomicCon, TedX, and many others.

How to Maximize Your Returns with Instagram Ads

Looking for new ways to reach potential customers and drive revenue? In this session, learn how you can do so with Instagram Ads as we discuss placements, tactics, best practices, and more. By the end of this session, you will learn if Instagram Ads work for any niche, if Instagram Feed ads or Stories ads are better, and more.
Akvile DeFazio
Akvile DeFazio is the President of AKvertise, Inc., a social media advertising agency in Central California, and she specializes in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Ads. With more than 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry, a speaker at several conferences such as Pubcon.

How to explode your sales from Instagram... in just 15 minutes a day

So you're on Instagram... but how do you turn your Instagram posts and stories into sales? In this session, learn how course creators, coaches and services providers are earning 5-figures and beyond just from the free features of Instagram... while spending just 15 minutes a day on Instagram.
elise darma
Elise Darma
Elise Darma is the agency business owner of Canupy Inc. Since 2013, Elise has collectively grown Instagram accounts to over 250,000 followers, brokered 100s of deals between influencers and brands, and has created more blogs and newsletters than she can count. She’s been featured for her Instagram expertise in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Elite Daily, Teachable and Later.

Instagram Marketing In 2020… And How To Ace The Gram!

What's happening on Instagram in 2020? How should your business market on this marketing channel? What are some 2020 predictions for Instagram? What metrics matter and what don't? Learn what's working and what's no longer working on Instagram in 2020.
Tasha Meys And Vivien Conway
Tasha Meys And Vivien Conway are Instagram Experts and Co-Founders of Instagram Specialist company, Ace The Gram. Their Podcast, Ace The Gram, interviews people from around the world that have successfully used Instagram for business or personal branding. They have also built a community of those wanting to learn about Instagram in their Facebook Group, Instagram Growth and Engagement.

Leveraging Twitter To Grow Your Personal and Professional Brand

Twitter is a great place to build a community of passionate followers, find connectors, build your authority, and grow your network. In this tactical step-by-step session, Jim Fuhs shares how to build a great Twitter profile, Twitter videos, and how you can leverage Twitter to grow your personal and professional brand.
Jim Fuhs-min
Jim Fuhs is President of Fuhsion Marketing of Marietta, GA. Jim is a retired Marine Lt Col turned social media trainer, consultant and speaker with over 30 years of business and social media experience. His business serves several diverse clients including small business, nonprofits, higher education, and local non-governmental and governmental organizations. His business designs and maintains Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter business pages, Facebook Ad campaigns, and provides related marketing services such as print, graphic design, and small business startup packages. 

Twitter Chats For Businesses And Brands

Hosting a Twitter chat is an amazing way to interact with your audience and followers, to better understand and grow your community quickly. Whether you are an experienced Twitter user or a newbie, Twitter chats are a useful feature many users are missing out on. By the end of this session, you will walk away with an understanding of how Twitter Chats work and how to host your own Twitter Chat.
bernie fussenegger
bernie fussenegger
Bernie Fussenegger is the Director of Product Management and the host of the Twitter Chat #Digital360Chat (Every Friday at 12pm ET). He has more than 26 years of Marketing experience with digital experiences and programs around CRM, eCRM, Content Marketing, Social, Mobile & Performance Marketing.

Using twitter to make events last all year

Anyone who just goes to conferences for the session content is missing out on one of the most valuable parts of any event: the connections! Learn how to utilize Twitter before, during, and after professional conferences to keep the benefits of your conference attendance going all year long. By the end of this session, you will walk away with strategies on how to connect with fellow event attendees and speakers, establish thought leadership, repurpose your Tweets into other content, and nurture relationships that will last long after the conference is over.
Christine Gritmon
Christine Gritmon is a social media strategist for small businesses. She is the host of the #MidweekMinute podcast and live show, and is an International speaker, including #INBOUND18 in Boston, MA and #ATOMICON19 conference in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

pinterest Pins And Promoted Pins best practices in 2020

Pinterest is not a social media channel, but it is a visual search engine that has the potential to drive huge traffic to your website, e-commerce store, and content. By the end of this session, you will understand what are the best practices for Pinterest pins, how Promoted pins work, and more.
Heather Farris
Heather Farris
Heather Farris is the founder of Heather Farris & Co., a Pinterest education and marketing business run exclusively online. She helps business owners to start, run and grow their Pinterest marketing strategies so they can grow their businesses and make a bigger impact.

step-by-step to Planning your Pinterest Marketing strategy

Does your business have a Pinterest marketing strategy? In this session, you will learn how to build a Pinterest strategy that works for YOU. You will learn the step-by-step process, as well as how to implement the strategy on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Megan Johnson started Love Family Health in August of 2016 and since then she has grown it into a full time business. She has helped 1000’s of people just like you learn to market their blog’s and small businesses online with the help of Pinterest.

Triple Your Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for websites, but you would need to understand how to optimize your pins in order to get them shown in feeds and in Google Search. By the end of this session, you'll walk away with a clear understanding of how you can triple your traffic with Pinterest marketing.
Kathryn Moorhouse
Kathryn Moorhouse
Kathryn Moorhouse is a Pinterest marketing educator and online marketing mentor. She teaches content creators and Pinterest managers how to simplify their online marketing strategies, use Pinterest effectively for their business and create a profitable business that gives them the time freedom they've been searching for. Kathryn has helped hundreds of business owners grow their email lists, sales and website traffic using Pinterest, allowing them to finally feel like they run their marketing instead of the other way around.

Pinterest SEO for 2020: how to get your pins seen and ranked at the top of search

So you've been pinning... and pinning... but you're not seeing any results from your Pinterest marketing efforts. So how do get your pins ranked at the top and start driving traffic from Pinterest? In this session, Jennifer breaks down the ABCs of Pinterest SEO and how to get traffic from Pinterest.
Jennifer Priest
Jennifer Priest
Jennifer Priest is the founder of Smart Creative Social. She helps businesses develop a winning Pinterest strategy for their unique business goals. Build audiences. Drive traffic. Get people into your funnel. Make sales.

grow your list and attract your dream clients with pinterest

Want to turn your pins into a dream client generating machine? In this session, learn the fundamentals of creating a lead generating Pinterest marketing strategy.
Kate Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson is a Pinterest strategist, coach and a course creator who helps female entrepreneurs explode their presence on Pinterest. She has almost a decade’s worth of digital experience under her belt (from leading successful digital agencies to managing an internationally successful eCommerce business).

How to Set Up Your Pinterest Profile in 5 Easy Steps

In this session, learn the three ways to find keywords that will help you strategically be searched upon in Pinterest by maximizing your Pinterest profile. 
Karrie Chariton
karrie bhurgari
Karrie Bhurgari is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist. For the last three years, she has helped dozens of women entrepreneurs build their incomes, visibility, and expert status using Pinterest. She has worked with DIY bloggers, coaches, service providers, & Shopify owners to build their Pinterest accounts starting from 0 and accounts with 7.6 million monthly viewers. She also loves teaching and strategizing with DIYers to help them maximize their Pinterest accounts through her course Pinning Foundations.

How to get started with youTube, plan your videos and repurpose into multiple content pieces

How do you get started with creating a YouTube channel? What equipment do you use? What do you do once you hit publish on YouTube? By the end of this session, you'll learn how to plan out your YouTube content strategy, as well as how to repurpose your video into multiple content.
Rob Balasabas
Rob Balasabas
Rob Balasabas is the Brand Evangelist for TubeBuddy. Previously, Rob was the Social Media & Community Manager for Thinkific.

You Made A Youtube Video! Now What?

So you've started a YouTube channel and created a YouTube video. But what happens next? In this session, you will learn how to amplify your YouTube marketing efforts with a mix of content marketing and social media marketing. 
Desiree Martinez
Desiree Martinez
Desiree Martinez is the owner of All-In-One Social Media. She helps businesses grow with better content. Desiree has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Day Denver, and is the host of The Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast and Live Show

Tools, Tips And Tricks To Create A Successful Live Show

Ready to get started with live videos on social media? In this session, learn what brands like Agorapulse and the weather channel are doing with live videos, as well as the tools, tips and tricks you'll need to create a successful live show.
Jennifer watson
Jennifer Watson is the Social Media Manager for Agorapulse, a podcaster and speaker. She has a diverse background from working on camera to executing digital strategies. Jennifer is a dynamic talent with a passion for every aspect of digital media from building brand strategies, creating content plans, to getting executive buy-in. She motivates audiences from the stage and drives engagement, including launching numerous Facebook Live campaigns for the biggest weather brand, garnering millions of views. She has been featured in Chief Content Marketer Magazine, and on stage at Social Fresh, Social Media Marketing World, Social Shake-Up to name a few.

How to go from youTube to online courses

As you build your community on YouTube, it's time to monetize your YouTube efforts. In this session, you'll learn how online courses can impact your business, how to figure out what you should be teaching, tips for planning out your course content, and essential bonus tips for creating video content.
XayLi Barclay
xayli barclay
XayLi Barclay is a Visual Content Creation Coach and creator of the Start Shoot Grow Video Academy. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space. Through captivating images and original video content she teaches others how to effortlessly create the visual appearance they’ve always dreamed of in order to unlock multiple revenue streams, attract opportunities and connect on a deeper level with their audience.

How To Become A LinkedIn Rockstar In 8 Easy Steps

Want to become great at LinkedIn marketing? In this session, you'll learn how to become a LinkedIn Rockstar in 8 easy steps. By the end of this session, you will learn how to create a rockstart LinkedIn profile, with profile demonstrations to show you what good LinkedIn profiles look like.
Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt is a LinkedIn strategist and career consultant, and the founder of The LinkedIn Bakery. She works with business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stand out as experts in their industry and get more clients using LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Video And LinkedIn Live For Business

LinkedIn native videos are powerful - and it can help you win customers, build your network, and improve your reach. 51% of marketers have used LinkedIn video as a channel. And, of those people, 84% found it to be an effective strategy. As a result, the use of LinkedIn video and LinkedIn Live is on the rise. In this session, you will walk away with best practices for creating video content and LinkedIn Live on LinkedIn.
Brian Schulman
Brian Schulman
Known as the Godfather of LinkedIn Video and one of the world's top video marketing experts, Brian Schulman is a Forbes Featured Entrepreneur and LinkedIn Top Voice. He is the Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe. Named a 2019 LinkedIn Video Creator of the Year, Brian is one of the pioneering Top LinkedIn Video and LinkedInLIVE Creators in the world, and is a sought after international speaker who does speaking engagements through the year.

LinkedIn Ads: The Silver Bullet for B2B Lead Gen

LinkedIn Ads have always been the red-headed stepchild of the social ads space, but they've seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last year. The precision in targeting is unmatched, but high costs mean you need to execute with a tight strategy. By the end of this session, you will walk away with an understanding of what you need in order to be successful while advertising on the platform.
AJ Wilcox
AJ Wilcox is the founder of B2Linked, an agency specializing in advertising with LinkedIn ads. Globally recognized as one of the top LinkedIn ads experts, AJ manages advertising campaigns for executives and teams around the world.

LinkedIn Outreach: Step-By-Step to generating leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for generating leads for B2B businesses, but how do you actually generate qualified leads on this platform? In this presentation, Jake Jorgovan will dive deep into the frameworks, scripts, and methods for generating high-quality leads on LinkedIn. You can expect to walk away with actionable scripts and strategies for generating leads on LinkedIn.
jake jorgovan
Jake Jorgovan is the founder of Content Allies & Lead Cookie. At Lead Cookie, they help B2B sales teams generate more leads through done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting. At Content Allies, they turn consultants into thought leaders through content marketing. 

Combining in-person networking with LinkedIn to grow your business

Do you go to conferences, events, or local meet ups? Combine your in-person networking with LinkedIn to get the maximum results. In this session, you'll walk away with a step-by-step understanding of how to use LinkedIn for networking at in-person events. 
beth granger
Beth Granger
Beth Granger is a LinkedIn, Social Sales, and Social Media Consultant & Trainer. She is also the #LinkedInLocal Long Island host.

The secret to getting clients on linkedIn

What is the secret to getting clients on LinkedIn? More than just a job recruitment site, LinkedIn is a great place to finding your dream clients. In this session, learn how to craft the right headline to creating the right content to attract the right clients. 
Andrea Jones
andrea jones
Andrea Jones is the creator and social media strategist at She helps businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged followers. Outside of serving her full service clients, she loves teaching what she knows on the Savvy Social Podcast and at the Savvy Social School. 

tikTok for business: how should brands market on tikTok

What is TikTok and why should brands even care about this new social media channel? In this presentation, you'll walk away with an understanding of who's using TikTok, why TikTok is so important, use cases for different types of businesses, and so much more!
Judi Fox
Judi Fox is a sought after social media content strategist and speaker. She has spoken at conferences such as Social Media Week Lima, Video Marketing World, VidSummit and more. 









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