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What is social media online Summit?

Social media marketing changes FAST. And that's why every year, since 2018, thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers sign up for Social Media Online Summit to learn the latest, the hottest, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in social media marketing.

Not every one is able to attend the largest in-person marketing conferences, which is why Social Media Online Summit is the internet's LARGEST social media conference that you can attend from home, office, or anywhere on the road.

If you're an entrepreneur, marketing professional, agency owner, or consultant, Social Media Online Summit is created just for YOU.

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We’ve brought together over 30+ of the world’s social media experts, influencers, and entrepreneurs to share the cutting-edge social media marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business online.

They’ll show you how to use social media to get fans fast, build a brand, and make millions from your content. If you want to grow your business and brand online, whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.

At Social Media Online Summit 2019, you get the step-by-step instructions on how to grow your social media channels – in record time. Get lifetime access to each session, and you’ll learn how to grow your social following and then turn your followers into sales… And much, much more.

This exclusive pre-recorded online conference is broken down into 7 easy-to-follow sections to help your brand grow faster:



From planning a comprehensive social media strategy to turning your social media followers into loyal fans, our speakers will cover everything from the basics to trending social media topics.


Are you wondering how to best use Facebook for your business? As the #1 social media platform used by businesses, you’ll learn how to easily & effectively use Facebook to drive customer success and sales through organic and paid means.


Learn the tactics used by top Instagram influencers and experts on getting your products and brand seen by more people, while growing a strong following of customers who really relate to your brand.


Wondering how Twitter works for businesses? Our experts in Twitter share their most valuable strategies on using Twitter to take your business to the next level.



Pinterest is an amazing way to get your product or service “discovered by millions of people looking for things to plan, buy and do.” Speakers share how to tactics to drive 1,000s of leads & customers through Pinterest.



Learn from the experts the key to producing hot viral videos for YouTube, getting your videos to rank, maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel to drive brand awareness and discovery, as well as building a community.



2019 will see the rise of LinkedIn. With the average household income per LinkedIn user hitting $109,000 and 49% of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes, businesses and marketers can no longer afford to ignore using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategies.


Our goal at Chrys Media is to make a social impact with each of our online conferences. For Social Media Online Summit 2019, a portion of proceeds will go to a charity selected by our speakers at the end of the conference.

With your support, we can make a bigger difference in this world.


Check out some highlight clips of the sessions you’ll be attending at SMOS2019.

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Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

What do local businesses and brick-and-mortars need to understand about social media marketing? How can local businesses use social media to drive more foot traffic and local clients? In this session, Julia Bramble breaks down how small businesses can leverage the power of social media, as well as actionable strategies that can be applied right away. (30 mins)
Julia Bramble
Julia Bramble is a Social Media Marketing & Facebook Ads Strategist. She has been featured on Social Media Examiner, The Guardian, and is a regular speaker at social media conferences including ATOMICON, The Social Media Summit in Dublin, Big Social in Manchester and Social Day in London and Birmingham.

How to Turn Your Social Media Fans Into Brand Champions

As visibility on social media starts to drop and as companies struggle with brand loyalty, building true fan relationships is even more vital for brands in 2019. A smaller but important group of highly engaged fans is more valuable than millions of disengaged followers. In this session, Valerie Morris shares what brands need to do to mobilize their social media followings into brand champions. (30 mins)
Valerie Morris
Valerie Morris is a social media strategist, trainer, and the founder of Tintero Creative, a digital marketing agency that excels in content marketing and social media strategies. Valerie is also a contributor at Social Media Examiner.

How To Show Up Like A Pro With Live Videos

More businesses are jumping on live videos last year in 2018. In 2019, live videos are even more important for businesses. If you’re planning on doing more live videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, this session will be beneficial for you. In this session, Luria Petrucci shares her 4 pillars of showing up like a pro with live videos. (24 mins)
Luria Petrucci
Luria Petrucci
Luria Petrucci is a live streaming veteran and renowned expert in the marketing industry. She is the co-founder of Live Streaming Pros where she helps businesses grow with professional live videos. She has helped big brands such as AT&T and Panasonic, and influencers such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Pat Flynn.

How to Use Live Video to Amplify Your Brand

Live video is one of the biggest trends on social media in 2018, and it’s going to grow even bigger in 2019 and beyond. So how can businesses make use of live videos to amplify their brands? In this session, Todd Bergin shares how businesses can get started with live videos, tools to use, and mistakes to avoid. (41 mins)
Todd Bergin
Todd Bergin
Todd Bergin has built a business around live videos and teaching others how to use live videos, and has been featured in places such as Social Media Examiner.

The Past, Present, and Future of Facebook Marketing

As Facebook continues to change its algorithm, finding the right Facebook marketing strategy can be challenging for businesses. What worked in 2018 might not work in 2019. In this session, Facebook marketing expert Ethan Sigmon talks about the changes in Facebook, what works and what doesn't. (30 mins)
Ethan Sigmon
Ethan Sigmon is the founder of Opesta, a Facebook messenger platform that allows you to instantly increase your open rates, click throughs, and conversions by providing everything you need to generate leads, market, and sell using the Facebook Messenger. He has been featured in places like Mixergy and Entrepreneurs on Fire podcasts.

Strategies To Run Your First Facebook Ad Campaign Successfully

Thinking of running Facebook ads for the first time? Or maybe you've ran Facebook ads once and it wasn't successful. In this session, Jaymie Tarshis walks through the foundations of every successful Facebook ad campaign and a walk-through on how to set up your first campaign. (30 mins)
Jaymie Tarshis
Jaymie Tarshis is a Facebook ad strategist and marketing consultant who spends her days consulting with entrepreneurs and passionate business owners on how to leverage the power of Facebook Ads and the internet to quickly grow their brand.

How to Create Successful Facebook And Instagram Ads Video Ads

More companies are using Facebook and Instagram video ads to advertize, but what are the best practices for video ads? In this session, Akvile DeFazio share best practices and case study on creating effective and successful Facebook and Instagram video ads. (25 mins)
Akvile DeFazio
Akvile DeFazio is the President of AKvertise, Inc., a social media advertising agency in Central California, and she specializes in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Ads. With more than 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry, a speaker at several conferences such as Pubcon.

Facebook Ads Custom Audiences Strategies To Lower Your Ad Cost

Need to lower the cost of your Facebook ads? In this session, Sema Erzouki walks through how you can lower your Facebook ad costs using custom audience strategies. This session also includes a screen walk-through of how you can setup your first custom audience. (20 mins)
Sema Erzouki
Sema Erzouki
Sema Erzouki is a digital marketing strategist and Facebook ads expert who helps her clients increase their visibility and get extremely targeted leads by using the power of Social Media and Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Funnel For High Ticket Products And Services

How does Facebook ad funnels work for high ticket products and services? Do you run Facebook ads for high ticket items the same way as you would with low ticket items? In this session, Jennifer Spivak shares her top 2 Facebook ad funnels and other important strategies to sell high ticket items. (30 mins)
Jennifer Spivak
Jennifer Spivak helps businesses leverage the power of Facebook Advertising for non-stop lead generation and massive business growth. She has helped hundreds of businesses generate millions of dollars on Facebook, with many seeing a 1000% (not a typo) return on their ad campaigns. Jennifer also teaches Facebook Ads at The Startup Institute, and is an adjunct marketing professor at The City College of New York.

How to Amplify Your eCommerce Business Using Facebook Ads

Want to grow your e-commerce sales using Facebook Ads? In this session, Charlie Lawrance shares his Facebook ads strategies for e-commerce, plus the ALL Framework that he’d developed and how to apply the framework to e-commerce Facebook ads funnel. (27 mins)
Charlie Lawrance
Charlie Lawrance is the founder & CEO of digital marketing agency Gecko². He works with SMEs to generate leads and increase revenue through Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. He is also a writer at Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today.

How to Scale Your Facebook Ads

This is a common scenario: your Facebook ads are performing great, so you decide to scale up your Facebook ads. It can go 2 ways: you get even better results or your profitable campaign starts going haywire. In this session, Michelle Bridger shares her 5 strategies to help you avoid the 2nd scenario with this session. (29 mins)
Michelle Bridger
Michelle Bridger
Michelle Bridger is a Facebook marketer who has generated over $10 million in revenue for her clients. She has worked with clients such as Jenna Kutcher, David Siteman Garland, Diane Lefrandt, and more.

Getting Started With Messenger Marketing: How Businesses Can Use Messenger Chatbots

What are messenger bots? How do they help businesses? In this session, Kelly Noble Mirabella teaches how messenger marketing would work for your business and how to get started. (26 mins)
Kelly Noble Mirabella
Kelly Noble Mirabella
Kelly Noble Mirabella is self-described social media geek and founder of Stellar Media Marketing. She has spoken at Social Media Day Denver, Social Media Week, and many other big stages.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies That Work In 2019

What are some tried-and-proven messenger marketing strategies that you can adopt for your business? In this session, Chrys Tan shares her top messenger marketing strategies and use cases.
Chrys Tan
Chrys Tan
Chrys Tan is the host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast and founder of Chrys Media, a messenger marketing and online education company.

The 6-Step Chatbot Campaign Formula

Wondering how your brand can get started with messenger chatbots? Unsure about chatbot funnels that you can implement? In this session, Natasha Takahashi walks through a deck presentation of the 6-step chatbot campaign formula. (46 mins)
Natasha Takahashi
Natasha Takahashi
Natasha Takahashi is a chatbot expert and founder of the School of Bots, a community for marketers seeking to master bots. She also hosts the There’s a Bot For That live show, and she has a range of courses including Chatbot Agency Accelerator. Natasha has been featured in many top places like social media examiner and has spoken at many events.

How To Use Messenger Chatbots To Drive Events And Webinar Sales

Want to use messenger chatbots to sell out your online events such as webinars, live streams, or even in-person events and conferences? In this session, Mary Kathryn Johnson breaks down her step-by-step strategies on using messenger chatbots to drive ticket sales, urgency, and attendance of both online and offline events. (35 mins)
Mary Kathryn Johnson
Mary Kathryn Johnson
Mary Kathryn Johnson is the CEO and founder of Messenger Funnels. Her innovative use of chatbots and chatbot copy has helped her clients sell millions in products, services, and online courses, with one client making $1M in just 99 days exclusively from the Messenger Funnel Mary built. She has spoken from stages at Social Media Examiner, Conversations 2018 by ManyChat, and has been featured in places like Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur.

How To Grow And Monetize A Facebook Group For Your Business

You probably are in at least one Facebook Group, but you might not have thought about using a Facebook Group for your business. In this session, Jennifer Lehner shares why brands need to jump on Faebook Groups right now, how to grow a Facebook Group, manage your community, and how to monetize your Facebook Group. (33 mins)
Jen Lehner
Jennifer Lehner
Jennifer Lehner is the founder of Front Row VIP and she specializes in helping business owners create an effective marketing strategy using social media and digital tools, has been featured on top places like Social Media Examiner, and has presented at big conferences like Agents of Change.

How To Host A Facebook Live Show And Grow Your Community

Thinking of hosting a Facebook live show? Wondering how Facebook live videos can help your business or brand? In this session, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang shares how she uses her Facebook live show for her business, as well as her live show strategies.
Ai Addyson-Zhang
Ai Addyson-Zhang
Ai Addyson-Zhang is an educator and Digital Learning consultant who uses social media to connect the dots between technology and education. She hosts a Facebook live show and has interviewed high-profile marketers on her show, such as Mark Schaefer, Brian Fanzo, and Rebekah Radice.

How To Do An Organic Instagram Hashtag Research

Hashtags help your Instagram posts to get found, but how do you know which hashtags to use? In this session, Melissa Megginson of Tailwind walks through a step-by-step guide on manually finding and evaluating hashtags, as well as an alternative method using Tailwind. (22 mins)
Melissa Megginson
Melissa Megginson
Melissa Megginson is the community manager at Tailwind.

How to Create A Successful Instagram Marketing And Content Strategy In 2019

For brands to succeed on Instagram, it takes more than just posting pretty pictures. A thoughtful strategy, a well-defined brand identity and effective community management are equally important. In this session, Instagram marketing expert Sue B. Zimmerman walks us through how she crafts her own Instagram marketing and content strategy, and strategies to take your Instagram marketing to the next level. (28 mins)
Sue B Zimmerman
Sue B. Zimmerman
Sue B. Zimmerman is one of the world’s top Instagram marketing expert, an insightful social media educator, and in-demand business coach. Her blog is also ranked as one of the top 10 social media blogs in 2017 by Social Media Examiner.

Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV - What Marketers Need To Know About The 4 Pillars Of Instagram

What can your business do with the 4 pillars of Instagram? What are the creative differences and strategies of each pillar? In this session, Tyler J. McCall shares his strategies, tips, and tools for each of the 4 pillars. (33 mins)
Tyler McCall
Tyler J. McCall
Tyler J. McCall is an Instagram Marketing Expert for entrepreneurs. He helps entrepreneurs find their ideal customers on Instagram, turn them into followers, and transform them into loyal fans. He has been featured on Social Media Examiner, Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield, The New York Times, and many more.

Demystifying Twitter And Engaging Your Community

How well do you know your Twitter marketing? In this session, Jennifer Radke covers the common myths about Twitter marketing, and how you can grow your community using Twitter Chat. (24 mins)
Jennifer Radke
Jennifer Radke
Jennifer Radke is a renowned social media marketing expert, trainer, and CEO of National Institute for Social Media. She is also a regular speaker at social media conferences. 

How To Develop Your Monthly Twitter Plan In A Day

Tweeting off the cuff is not good enough. As a business, creating compelling and relevant content that will help you attract more customers to your website and keep them engaged with your brand is important. In this session, Andrew McCauley shares how you can develop your monthly Twitter plan. (29 mins)
Andrew McCauley
Andrew McCauley
Andrew McCauley is known as the Social Media Bloke, named as #17 ‘Most Influential Social Media Marketer “ by BuzzSumo in 2016, and one of the top 100 Most Influential Twitter Users named by Forbes. Andrew is an Amazon best-selling author and consults all types of businesses on their Social Media and Online Strategy, and has been a speaker at over 300 live events.

Using Twitter Video to Grow Your Audience

You might see a few Twitter videos in your Twitter feed, but not as many as you’d find on Facebook or Instagram. Most brands don't realize that Twitter video is a great opportunity to get noticed and grow a Twitter following. In this session, Twitter marketing legend Madalyn Sklar shares how you can get started with Twitter videos and general video marketing tips. (21 mins)
Madalyn Sklar 2
Madalyn Sklar
Madalyn Sklar is known for being a community builder and a leading Twitter marketing expert. She is also ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, Texas.

How To Build Your Authority And Grow Your Network On Twitter

Twitter is a great place to build a community of passionate followers, find connectors, build your authority, and grow your network. In this session, Nicky Kriel shares how she uses Twitter for networking, and how brands can build their authority and network using Twitter marketing. (30 mins)
Nicky Kriel
​Nicky Kriel is a renowned Twitter marketing expert and is one of the UK’s top Social Media influencers. She is an international Social Media trainer, speaker and bestselling author. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Guardian and Daily Telegraph and has spoken at big conferences such as B2B Marketing Expo and Social Media Marketing World.

Pinterest Promoted Pins: How to Advertise on Pinterest 

If you are looking to get a leg up on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your site, Promoted pins can return huge results for very little investment compared to other social networks. In this session, Angie Gensler does a screen-share of the process of setting up Promoted pins and shares her insider tips on better targeting and analysis of your pins. (27 mins)
Angie Gensler
Angie Gensler
Angie Gensler helps entrepreneurs grow their business using social media and digital marketing. She has been featured on top publications like Social Media Examiner.

Pinterest Strategies For E-Commerce, Local Businesses And Personal Brands

Do you run an E-Commerce, a local business, or a personal brand, and want to use Pinterest marketing to drive more traffic and sales? In this session, Kathryn Moorhouse shares the power of Pinterest and breaks down her Pinterest strategies for E-Commerce, local business, and personal brands. (32 mins)
Kathryn Moorhouse
Kathryn Moorhouse
Kathryn Moorhouse is a Pinterest Strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs, bloggers and online business owners grow their reach, leads, and income using Pinterest as a long-term marketing platform.

Planning Your Pinterest Content Strategy And Repurposing Your Pins

Are you new to Pinterest marketing? In this session, Clare Drake teaches how Pinterest works, what content to pin, tools to use, repurposing, and so much more. (24 mins)
Clare Drake
Clare Drake is a Pinterest marketing expert for creative entrepreneurs who want to master Pinterest.

Case Study: How Ana Savuica Uses Pinterest To Grow The She Approach

In this session, Ana Savuica, a popular blogger, shares how she grew The She Approach website using Pinterest marketing. You will learn the strategies she used and the lessons she has learned. (19 mins)
Ana Savuica
Ana Savuica
Ana Savuica is an entrepreneur, social media guru, blog growth strategist and coach. She is the owner of The She Approach, a platform for bloggers and small online business owners. Her Pinterest strategies have been featured on Social Media Examiner.

How To Get Started With YouTube Advertising In 2019

As videos become an even more powerful way to capture your potential audience’s attention, people turn to YouTube to find answers to problems they’re having. In the past few years, more marketers are turning to YouTube advertising. In this session, Brett Curry shares how you can get started with YouTube ads. (35 mins)
Brett Curry
Brett Curry
Brett Curry is the CEO of OMG Commerce - the eCommerce division of Online Marketing Giant provides complete online marketing for successful small to mid-sized businesses. He is a frequent guest on Social Media Examiner and Smart Marketer with Ezra Firestone.

How To Develop Your YouTube Strategy And Grow Your Channel

Want to create a successful video marketing campaign in 2019 that will help you grow your channel's views, exposure, subscribers, and overall revenue? In this session, Anthony Ambriz shares his step-by-step process of developing a YouTube strategy, metrics to measure, and so much more. (32 mins)
Anthony Ambriz
Anthony Ambriz
Anthony Ambriz is a video marketing strategist, speaker and consultant. He is the owner of VidStrategy, which serves influencers and mid-size companies by developing their social video marketing strategy for platforms such as; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He has spoken on the big stages such as Video Marketing World and CVX Live, and has been featured in places like HuffPost, Mashable, Daily Mail, ABC, and FOX. 

How to Setup Your Videos to be Discovered on YouTube

So you've got a YouTube channel for your brand or business, and you want to get more YouTube views, more subscribers, and more exposure for your channel. In this episode, Trena Little shares her YouTube strategies so people find your videos and engage with your content. (25 mins)
Trena Little
Trena Little
Trena Little is a YouTube strategist who helps creative business owners get on YouTube to grow their business. She has been featured on Huffpost, Strategy Hour, Boss Mom, and more, and you can find her on her YouTube channel sharing her best tips, tricks and YouTube strategic advice.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

How do you grow your YouTube audience? What are the key strategies that work? In this session, Gillian Perkins share how she grew her YouTube channel and the strategies that she use. (25 mins)
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins
Gillian Perkins is a marketing strategist with a YouTube channel of more than 170,000 subscribers. She consults businesses and also trains people on her YouTube strategies.

How To Fit LinkedIn Marketing Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy

How can companies and personal brands use LinkedIn? What are some features available in 2019? In this session, Mary Fain Brandt shares how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, how to optimize your profile (demo included), LinkedIn strategies, LinkedIn ads, and so much more. (23 mins)
Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt
Mary Fain Brandt is a LinkedIn strategist and career consultant, and the founder of The LinkedIn Bakery. She works with business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stand out as experts in their industry and get more clients using LinkedIn. 

How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable channels for qualified leads. You can access the broadest possible community of professionals, and target them with precision—something you can't do on other social platforms. In this session, Michaela Alexis shares her actionable LinkedIn lead generation strategies. (32 mins)
Michaela Alexis
Michaela Alexis
Michaela Alexis is a LinkedIn speaker, trainer, strategist, and creator. She has contributed to Social Media Examiner and CNBC, been featured in Buzzfeed and Success.com, and is the co-author of ThinkVideo: Smart Video Marketing & Influencing.

Combining LinkedIn Content Marketing And LinkedIn Ads To Crush LinkedIn Marketing

Want to improve your LinkedIn marketing with better LinkedIn content marketing? Are you wondering which content types will perform best for you on LinkedIn? In this session, Nathanial Bibby shares his strategies on LinkedIn content planning, understanding the algorithm, and turning your content into a LinkedIn sales funnel. (30 mins)
Nathanial Bibby
Nathanial Bibby
Nathanial Bibby is the founder of Bibby Consulting Group, a social media speaker, and LinkedIn marketing specialist. He has been featured on Social Media Examiner, has spoken at over 700 events across the globe and is one of the most highly sought-after marketing keynote speakers in Australia.









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