Messenger Chatbot VS Email Marketing In 2019!

Messenger Chatbot VS Email Marketing In 2019!

Should you use Messenger Marketing a.k.a Messenger chatbot or email marketing in 2019? Or should you use both? Is one better than the other?

Both messenger marketing and email marketing have a role to play in our marketing strategy, and in this article, I share the top 3 differences between messenger chatbots and email marketing, plus if you should be using messenger marketing and email marketing together… or not.

Email Marketing VS Messenger Marketing – Is There A Winner?

I want to clarify a common question that I get all the time. “Should I still use email marketing if I’m using messenger marketing?”

My answer to that is, YES.

Don’t think of it as one or the other. In fact, email marketing and messenger marketing is complimentary and should be used together as part of your marketing strategy.

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Now let’s look at the top 3 differences between messenger marketing and email marketing.


#1: One Is Telling. The Other Is Talking.

The biggest difference between email marketing and messenger marketing is email marketing is telling instead of talking.

With email marketing, you’re not really having a dialogue with your email subscriber. You’re sharing news, stories, and updates in an in-depth manner.

Messenger marketing, on the other hand, is all about talking. You’re conversing with your subscribers 1-on-1. You’re asking questions, providing options, in short form copy.

Messenger chatbot conversation

Your messenger chatbot can be used for direct dialogue with your customers. Whether they’re looking for instant support or reacting to offer prompts, you can use messenger marketing to create dialogues and conversations and talk to your chatbot subscriber.

Pro Tip: If you were to use the same content from an email into a messenger conversation, your message becomes way too long and unreadable.

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#2: The Amount Of Spam

How many spam emails do you currently have in your email inbox? I’m betting you have at least one sitting in your spam folder, if it hasn’t already found its way into your inbox!

Some marketers are afraid that messenger chatbots might be too spammy. However, the idea of spamming with messenger is due to the fact that many marketers still don’t understand how to use messenger marketing correctly.

In actual fact, with the way messenger marketing is set up, you can’t really spam people who don’t know you.

In order to message someone, that person needs to have interacted with your messenger chatbot – whether that’s sending you a message, or downloading a lead gen through a messenger URL (also known as a ref URL). What this means is that this subscriber is engaged and has taken that first step in interacting with you.

On the other hand, with email marketing, you probably receive numerous spam emails every single day. We’re accustomed to receiving spam emails – and over time, we’ve gotten disenfranchised with promotional emails or emails from brands.

To make sure that your messenger chatbot does not become spammy, you wanna follow the following rules:

  • The 24+1 rule which doesn’t allow you to send promotional messages in the first message after 24 hours of a subscriber engaging with your Facebook Messenger chatbot (+1 outside of the 24 hours)
  • Stick to a once a week or once every 2 weeks schedule. Do not message multiple times a day or week.
  • Give them the option to unsubscribe from your chatbot.


#3: Ability To Deliver A Personalised Experience

With Messenger marketing, you are able to better target them with future offers better aligned to their preference. Yes, email marketing does allow you to do things like segment your list, add tags, and mention their first names, however messenger chatbots allow you to create a more personalised experience.

Messenger chatbot personalized

For example, as your subscriber interacts with your chatbot, you are able to tagged them along each answer. This will allow you to better segment your list so that you can create a personalized message directed just at them, based on the answers that they have provided in the past.



Just because you’re using messenger marketing doesn’t mean that you should do away with email marketing. Use both email marketing and messenger marketing together to have a comprehensive marketing strategy. If someone has bought something from your chatbot, you can send them an email to follow up and vice versa.

And here’s the thing to remember: Email has worked for several decades. People send emails daily, making it a great channel to reach customers. And it still works well. The only problem is that it’s working less well with each passing year.

3 Differences Bewteen Email Marketing And Messenger Marketing Chatbots


What do you think? How will you use both email marketing and messenger marketing together? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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