How To Sell On Instagram

How To Sell On Instagram

How To Sell On Instagram

Say you got an online business and you want to use Instagram to drive more sales. Maybe you’ve got a great Instagram following that you want to tap into, or maybe you’ve heard from others how they’re growing their businesses with just social media.

In this post, I’m gonna be sharing how you can use Instagram to sell your products, whether it is physical products, digital products, or even services.

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Before going into how to actually sell on Instagram…

First things first, you’ll want to convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business account. It’s free to do so and takes just a few clicks to set it up.

You also want to make sure that you have a well-crafted bio and a link to your online shop or a featured product.

Next, make sure your news feed is a beautifully curated gallery of your product pictures. You’ll also want to include photos of your customers using your products – studies have shown that posting pictures of real customers using your products can get you as much as 30% more engagement.

You’ll also want to include relevant hashtags on product images that will help users discover your post and get a clear understanding of what your product is. Do some hashtag research to find out which hashtags your customers are searching for with a tool like Hashtagify.

Now that you’ve got those basics done, it’s time to talk about the actual selling.

#1. Advertise on your bio

There are several ways that you can sell on Instagram.

The first way is to get people to click on your bio link which would then take them to your product page or your service page.

But how do you get people to actually click on that link? What you wanna do is to call it out in your posts, whether it is in your post descriptions, in comments, or on the actual photo itself.

Another way to use your bio is to include your Whatsapp number within your bio description. This is extremely popular with smaller, local stores.

Users can view the products in your Instagram feed and text their payment and shipping details to your Whatsapp number.

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#2. Promote your products in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is continuing to grow in popularity and is beating Snapchat, and is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with your audience on a more frequent and personal basis.

Now you can use Instagram Stories to capture your products in action, promote special offers or showcase new items. Plus, if you have 10,000 followers or more, you have the ability to add links to Instagram Stories.

If you are going to be adding a link to Instagram Stories, you’ll notice a small arrow and the words “See More” appear at the bottom of your image.

Since this text is small and may be unnoticed, what you wanna do is to add text telling users to “Swipe Up” so that they actually swipe up.

#3. Use Instagram Shoppable

If you sell physical goods and you are in a country that has access to Instagram Shoppable posts, you’ll want to make full use of it.

Instagram Shoppable posts are slowly being rolled out so not all countries have access to it yet.

Now before you can get started, your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog, which can be created and managed on Facebook Business Manager, through Shopify or BigCommerce platforms or directly on your business’s Page on Facebook.

Instagram’s shopping feature means that consumers can now complete their buying journey, from discovering your products to checkout, without ever leaving the Instagram app.

This is obviously super cool for businesses that sell products or services online. In addition to shopping tagged products in an Instagram post, Instagram users will also be able to browse the “shop” feed right from your Instagram profile.


Besides selling on your own Instagram page, you might also want to consider partnering with an influencer to promote and sell your products. If you don’t have the budget to partner with a big influencer, consider finding a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers have a small but highly-engaged following, usually ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers.


Which technique will you try first? Let me know in the comments section below.

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