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How To Get Traffic For Your Online Business

Knowing how to get traffic to your website, landing page, e-commerce store, and offers is one of the most commonly looked over parts of running an online business.

So many online entrepreneurs spend so much time creating their website, their landing pages, their products or services, and spend so little time and energy on getting traffic and marketing your online business.

Creating the website, the product or service is just one part of having a successful online business. Another part is getting people to know that your business and your offer exist. If you don’t get attention and you don’t get eyeballs on your brand and your offers, no one is going to buy because no one is going to know that you exist.

Everything that I'll be sharing in this post is going to be applicable for any industry or niche that you’re in, and whether you’re a new online entrepreneur or you’ve been at this for a while now.

3 Type Of Traffic

The first thing that you have to know is that there are 3 types of traffic. Not all traffic is equal. Depending on which type of traffic visitor they are, the rate of conversion and the readiness to buy is going to be very different.

The first type of traffic is cold traffic, the second is warm traffic, and then the third is hot traffic.

So what is cold traffic? Cold traffic is basically someone who doesn’t know who you are. They’ve never heard of you, they’ve never heard of your online business. 

So when you market your products or services to a cold traffic, it’s going to be harder to convert them. Not impossible, especially if you sell very low ticket items, but in general, it’s is many times more difficult to convert someone who doesn’t know who you are and has never heard of you instantly into a paying customer.

You will have to spend more time convincing that person why they should buy from you, and you will need to spend more time building that trust. 

The second type of traffic is warm traffic. These are people who kind of know who you are, maybe they’ve seen your content online, maybe someone told them about your business, maybe they’ve been reading your blog articles or they saw your feature on a website. These people are going to be more open to you, it’s going to be easier to sell to them. 

But the best type of traffic that you will want to have is the hot traffic. So what’s a hot traffic? These are people who already know, like and trust you. They follow you online, they are what you’ll consider your fans, they might have already even bought something from you before.

These people are going to be the easiest to convert into paying customers for the first time, or over again and again.

So remember that not all traffic is the same, and what you’ll want to do consistently is to move your cold traffic to warm traffic to hot traffic. I’ll share how you can move your cold traffic to warm traffic to hot traffic, but first, I wanna talk about the two types of marketing that drives traffic. 

2 Types Of Marketing That Drives Traffic

The first type of marketing is called Interruption Marketing and the second type of marketing is called Search Marketing. Interruption marketing happens at the cold to warm traffic stage. Just like the name says, it’s marketing that interrupts. 

So for example, you’re listening to this episode and suddenly an ad is played, or you’re scrolling Facebook and you suddenly see an ad. That’s interruption marketing. You’re trying to get your target audience to pay attention to your offer while they’re doing something else.

And interruption marketing is important. You need to get the attention of your target audience if you want them to pay attention to your online business, to your offers. 

So that might mean spending money on ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, on sponsorships.

But getting attention alone is not enough. You also need to build that trust that I was telling you about at the cold traffic stage. People need to trust your business before they’ll hand over money.

So how do we get their attention using interruption marketing at the cold traffic stage?

The first thing we’ll want to do is to really understand them. What are their desires, their goals, their dreams, their problems, their lives? When we can understand them that way, we can craft a messaging that will attract them and hook them in.

For example, I might say “Are you an online business owner struggling to get consistent customers? Do you start each month worried about whether you’ll be able to cover the rent and expenses?” And if that’s you and you identify with that, you will be hooked and you’ll be intrigued by what else I have to say.

The second marketing search marketing, and search marketing brings in the warmer audience by nature. These are people who are proactively looking for you, looking for a solution to a problem, or they are looking for answers. 

And because they are proactively looking, whether that Googling your business or Googling an answer to a question, or searching in YouTube or podcasts or Amazon for products, anywhere there is a search bar - because of that search nature and being proactive on their end, they are warmer audience and are much easier to convert than someone you’ve interrupted with an ad while they’re watching a YouTube video or scrolling their Facebook newsfeed.

So one thing that I’ll encourage you to get good at is learning how to get your business or your brand in front of them when they are searching for an answer or a product or a service. That will mean using SEO, search engine optimization, to get on the first page of Google’s search results. Or creating YouTube videos and optimizing them to show up at the top of results. If you sell products on Amazon, learning how to get your products in the first few searches on Amazon.

It is important to understand the concept of 3 types of audience and 2 types of marketing because very often I get online business owners telling me that their Facebook ads are not working or they’ve been trying to get their traffic to convert, but they don’t realize that there are different types of traffic and you cannot sell the same way you would to a warm or hot audience as you would to a cold audience.

So now that you know the different types of traffic and the 2 different types of marketing, let’s dive into where do you even get started. 

As with all marketing, you always need to first know your target customers. You need to know what type of people to attract before you can even attract them.

So who is your ideal customer, what does he or she do? How old is he or she? What’s their income like? What type of problems he or she might be having? What is their daily routine like? What websites do they go to? Where do they hang out online? Once you know your ideal customer, then the strategy on how to get traffic of that type of audience is going to be so much easier. 

If you know that your target customer loves spending on YouTube or uses YouTube to find answers to their problems, then maybe you could consider having a YouTube channel.

If they spend a lot of time on a particular website, or if you notice that a competitor is advertising heavily on a website for a long time, maybe you could look at advertising on that particular website.

A lot of times, we can learn a lot by looking at how our competitors are marketing. If they are successful and have advertising a lot on Facebook, that’s a good indication that your audience is on Facebook and obviously converting into traffic and buying because it’s unlikely your competitor or competitors will continue to pour money into ads on that platform or website if it’s not generating sales.

Now I want to highlight that it’s important to start with one channel first. That could be starting with Facebook ads first, or focusing on your Instagram marketing. Whatever that channel is to get traffic, start with one. You wanna get really good at it before you branch into another channel.

This is especially important if you are new to running an online business or it’s just you, a solopreneur, or you have a very small team. This is the secret to getting really good at driving traffic consistently. 

I have a client who gets most of her traffic from Instagram. When she needs more traffic because sales is slower or she has a launch, she just creates more momentum on her Instagram and fuels that flame. Rinse and repeat. 

Now let’s talk about how we move that cold traffic to warm traffic to eventually hot traffic. Remember when I said it’s easier to close the sale with hot traffic versus cold traffic? 

The key here is consistent valuable content marketing. When you’re consistently adding value to your cold traffic and they are seeing it and consuming it, they move from cold and I don’t know who you are, to warm and oh that’s interesting or that’s helpful.

I have found that the key to moving cold traffic to hot traffic is just coming from a place of service, of trying to help, of being authentic, being you, and just showing up.

Gary V said this, it’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”. Jabbing is engaging with your audience, building a relationship with them, moving them from cold to warm to hot.

The right hook is the part where you convert them into sales. So it’s showing up consistently, being of value, giving more value, getting them to become hot and ready to buy and trust you, before you ask for the sale.

Let me know in the comments below, what is your biggest struggle with getting consistent traffic?

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