How To Get More Clients For Your Online Business QUICKLY

How To Get More Clients For Your Online Business QUICKLY

How To Get More Clients For Your Online Business QUICKLY

Are you trying to get more clients for your business? Everyone wants to get more clients and grow their business, but how do you actually get more clients fast? I’m gonna share how I generate more clients and more customers for Chrys Media.

6 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Online Business

The main reason why some of you might be struggling to get clients right now for your business is because of a “Build it and they will come” mentality. It is so common for entrepreneurs or marketers to think that once they’ve built their websites or products, that people will magically find out about them and buy their stuff or engage their services.

Unfortunately, this mentality does not work at all. You need to realise that you need to have a plan, you need to be putting yourself out there, knocking on doors.

Step One: Know EXACTLY Who Your Target Clients Are

The first thing you need to do and what I do is to know exactly who your target clients are. You’ll be surprised how many times I’ve met online entrepreneurs who don’t know exactly who is going to pay for their service.

If you are a relationship therapist, your target audience should not be everyone who is in a relationship. That is too broad and you need to niche down. If you are talking to everybody, nobody is listening.  

For example, your service could be for older couples in their 60s who are considering divorce. That way, your website and your content and your ads are all targeted at this group of people and no one else. 

Step Two: Be Where Your Target Clients Are

The second thing you need to do is to start looking for your target audience where they are.

If you are trying to target yoga lovers, you know that they hang out at yoga studios and most likely organic food places or healthy food places and juice bars.

Besides physical places, you can also target them on social media, for example, yoga-specific Facebook groups or Instagram accounts.

If you are providing a service to a company, knock on their doors by hitting them up on LinkedIn or by going to industry events. Go to small business events for your local community – it is easy to forget about the human connection when you’re running an online business.

Step Three: Know Your Unique Selling Point

The third step is to know what makes you different from your competitors a.k.a your unique selling point. This ties back into step number 1, where we talked about knowing exactly who your target audience is.

For example, your unique selling point could be that you have lots of experience working with older people and helping them through their marriage. Now, if I am a 60+ year old struggling with my marriage, would I go with you – someone who has worked with many others like me, or the other therapist that works with young couples, divorcees, etc?

Other differentiating points could be interviews you’ve been on, famous clients you’ve had, intimate knowledge of a particular subject, pricing, or service.

Step Four: Provide Lots Of Value

The fourth step is to provide value and lots of it. By that I mean giving away valuable free content, whether it is through writing informative blog articles, recording videos and putting it up on YouTube, starting a podcast, giving away e-books, go into Facebook groups and give value (don’t spam)… your goal is to make yourself an expert in the eyes of your target audience, and to create a connection with them.

Even if they aren’t going to become your client right now, trust me when the time is right and they are looking for someone, they’re going to remember you.

Step Five: Ask For Testimonials

The fifth step is to ask for testimonials from your past and current clients. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals, especially if you know you’ve been doing a good job.

You can ask them to record a video of them praising your service and use that video on your website and also your social media accounts.

For example, one of my clients run meditation workshops. I got her to record testimonials from the workshop attendees and upload those testimonial videos onto her Instagram account, which is her main social media channel, and those testimonials help convince others to sign up for her next workshop.

Step Six: Ask For Referrals

The sixth step is something similar to number 5: ask for referrals. If having 1 more client is going to change your business for this month, what is stopping you from asking around your friends, family, or business network?

Another way to make use of referrals to get new clients is to partner with companies that offer similar services. For example, if I were to run a SEO online business, I would partner up with a web designer or developer and give them a percentage whenever they refer a new client.


Which of the 6 steps mentioned have you not tried? Let me know in the comments below!


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