How To Get Customers To Choose You Over Your Competition

Are you struggling to get your customers and your potential customers to choose you over your competitors? I’m gonna share two simple ways to get your customers to choose you over your competitors.

Things Your Business Needs To Do To Get More Clients

The truth is, most businesses are not unique. Most online business owners don’t have a unique business model nor do they sell a unique product. For example, McDonald’s is not the only place that sells burgers – you’ve got Burger King and Wendy’s as well. Yet, there are things that are different about each of these fast food options, which is why we all have different fast food preferences.

If you are an online personal brand coach, you’re probably not the only online personal brand coach in your industry. So how do you actually get your potential customers and customers to pick you over the other online personal brand coaches out there?

1. People Do Business With People That They LIKE, TRUST, And VALUE

There is a saying that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. What that means is people do business with people they like, trust and value. We like someone’s business because we like the way they treat us or we like the way their products make us feel.

So the first thing we want to do to get customers to choose our product or service is to build up the like, trust, and value factor.

Here’s a personal example: I like to visit this cafe in my neighborhood very often although it’s not the only cafe in the entire neighborhood. There are so many cafes there all selling the same stuff – all of them are selling coffee, desserts, cakes, and food. But I always choose to go back to this one cafe and the reason why is because of the way they make me feel as a customer.

They make me feel like they know who I am when they recognize me and greet me by name. The staff members take the effort to remember what I always order, whereas the other cafes that that are in my neighborhood don’t bother to remember my name nor my regular order. So of course I’m always going to go back to the same cafe who actually took the time and effort to remember me as a customer.

You would want to build trust by qualifying yourself or qualifying your product, by proving that you know your stuff or that your product truly delivers. And there are many ways you can do that:

One: Giving away free content and establish your brand authority and trust

There are many ways to go about giving away free content. You can create a YouTube channel sharing your knowledge so that you build trust with your target audience. You can also give away freebies like guidebooks, checklists, video series, workbooks, as well as running a podcast.

In my case, I run my YouTube channel where I post weekly videos on running online businesses and I host the Hack Your Online Business podcast. I also give away free online courses, worksheets, and guides on everything related to running and growing an online business – all because I want to build my brand authority and trust between me and my future customers.

Two: Use testimonials to prove that your product or service truly delivers

Whether you sell online products or services, I highly recommend that you gather as many testimonies from your past customers.

For example, if you sell online courses, people would want to know that this online course that they are going to spend $247 or $500 on is actually going to be worth the money. So what a lot of online course creators do is they put up lot of testimonials from past students to prove that Bill or John has been through this course and the results he achieved.

So get raving testimonials and put those testimonials on your website, on yourTestimonials Shopify shop, or wherever you sell your product so that you can build the like, trust, and value factor.

For all of my online conferences, I make sure that each of the homepage has a testimonial section. The homepage of Chrys Media also has testimonials from past customers.


2. Offer Something Better Or Differentiated

The second way to get people to choose you over your competitors is to offer something better, differentiated or niche.

There are different ways that you can offer something better or different. Usually, people like to differentiate by pricing or by features. For example, they might try to differentiate by being cheaper and being more affordable, or they might offer better product features or a better service.

You would want to focus on your unique selling point which is what makes your product or service unique from the other offerings available on the market.

Now, pricing is the fastest way you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, especially if you offer the same product or a similar product and service. At a lower or higher price, you are instantly differentiating
yourself from your competitors. But, it is not the best way that I’ll recommend you differentiating yourself from your competitors because you don’t want to get into a price war with your competitors.

You don’t want to go five dollars cheaper and tomorrow your competitors would go six dollars cheaper, because eventually all of the brands involved will suffer financially (making it a matter of the largest piggy bank wins).

Pricing is also about positioning. You do not need to be the cheapest brand in order to win more customers because your pricing will help to position your service or your product.

Subconsciously, people view things and services that are of a higher price to be of better quality. Hence, if you want to position your product or service on the higher-end, a price war is definitely not what you want.

Another way to differentiate yourself is niching down. For example, if you’re an online relationship specialist, instead of offering your counseling services to all couples, what you can do to win customers over the competitors is to niche down.

So you might want to focus your counselling sessions for LGBT couples or senior couples. Going niche down will help you create this huge differentiation between you and your competitors. Maybe you won’t be able to go after the whole pie but now you’re able to focus down your messaging and targeting, and this smaller group of people are going to seek you out because they are going to go for the specialist who understands their problem uniquely versus someone who is a generalist.

When it comes to differentiation with features, it means offering a better quality service or product, or more added stuff that your competitors aren’t offering.

For example, you can go an extra mile with a 30 days money-back guarantee when the competitors aren’t doing that, or offering an awesome customer service by going the extra mile. A car dealership might offer to deliver the car to your home instead of you coming over to buy it in order to stand out amongst their competitors.

Another example is Amazon’s free shipping. Free shipping is so common these days and every e-commerce store offers free shipping. But Amazon really was the first one to offer the shipping for free.

I remember buying things in the pre-Amazon days and I would have to wait two weeks for it to arrive. But now with Amazon, I can get my things the next day for free. So Amazon really stood apart from other competitors by offering a feature that their target customers really, really wanted.


How are you getting your customers to choose you over your competition? Let me know your strategies below!


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