How To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot To Drive Attendance For Your Facebook Live

Do you create Facebook Live shows or even use Facebook Live to offer your online trainings and masterclasses?

In this article, I’m gonna share how you can use Facebook messenger marketing a.k.a Facebook Messenger chatbots to drive more attendance and signups to your Facebook Live.

#1: Create Your Chatbot Growth Tool

The first thing you’ll wanna do is create a growth tool inside of your chatbot software that will allow your audience to click on and be directed to your Facebook Live show.

I like to create a type of growth tool called a ref URL. A ref URL is basically a URL that you can put in anywhere a URL can go to. That can be on your Twitter bio, your LinkedIn bio, your Facebook bio, and so on.

Once someone clicks on the ref URL growth tool, it will open up their Facebook Messenger and they will receive your Facebook Live message.

Manychat Growth Tools


#2: Confirm Their Interest In Attending Your Facebook Live

Sometimes people click on links without meaning to or they are just testing out your chatbot. Hence, in your message, you’ll want to make sure that they really want to opt-in to your chatbot and attend your Facebook Live.

Facebook Live welcome message

#3: Add A Tag For Those Interested

Once the subscriber clicks on the button, they will be automatically tagged as registered for the webinar. Tags are used so that you can easily segment and broadcast to those who have taken a certain action step – in the case, registering for the Facebook Live.

At this stage, you can also subscribe them to an automated sequence – such as sending reminders or other types of content.

Facebook Live Manychat Tagged


#4: Announce Before And Once You Go Live

One of the biggest problems with running Facebook Live shows and trainings is getting people to turn up. People tend to forget what they have signed up for, which is why it is important to remind your attendees to show up.

By sending timely messages to tagged subscribers, you help to remind them to turn up. For example, I like sending reminder messages a day before and at least a few minutes before you start your Facebook Live.

You can either schedule your message to send out immediately or you can actually schedule it for later. For example, if your Facebook Live is gonna go live at 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, you can schedule to send out your broadcast message at 10:50 EST on Thursday.

You can also tag those who click on the button as having watched the Facebook Live. You can then subscribe them to a post-Facebook Live follow-up sequence.

Facebook Live Manychat Chatbot Reminder

#5: Follow Up Post-Facebook Live

Just like how you’re currently following up with those who tuned in to your Facebook Lives, you can also follow up with them inside of Facebook Messenger.

Once a subscriber has been subscribed to the post-Facebook Live follow-up sequence, you can start to follow up by sending them the freebie that was mentioned in the Facebook Live, as well as to send them the replay to the Facebook Live.

Sending them the replay link is a great idea because you won’t know if they have watched your Facebook Live to the end, if they’ve watched it to the middle, or they only watched for a couple of minutes before dropping off.


If you want to drive more viewers to your Facebook Live shows or trainings, you need to remind your audience to show up using Facebook Messenger. Using timely broadcast messages, you can help ensure that people do not forget about showing up for your Facebook Live.


What do you think? Have you tried using Facebook Messenger broadcast messages to remind your audience to show up for your Facebook Lives? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How to use Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your Facebook Live

How to get more viewers for your Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger marketing


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