Why Your Business Needs Facebook Messenger Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Even If You Don’t Get Many Facebook Messages

"I don't get many messages on Facebook Messenger so I don't really need to use a Facebook Messenger chat bot."

Now that is one of the most common response I get when I talk to people about Facebook
Messenger chat bots.

And I understand. It's called Facebook Messenger marketing after all, so you would assume that it's all about receiving messages in Facebook. But that is one of the biggest misconception about using Facebook messenger marketing.

In fact, Facebook Messenger marketing is so much more than just using a bot to automate answering questions for your Facebook page inbox.

More To Facebook Messenger Bots Than Just Replying Messages

Providing fast 24/7 customer support is just one part of Facebook Messenger marketing. The other part is using it to increase the engagement between you and your audience.

A lot of people don't realize that the engagement rate on Facebook Messenger is extremely high right now. The open rates and click through rates are so much higher as compared to the other marketing channels.

Get People To Engage And Interact With Your Brand Through Your Chat Box

The first thing that you'll want to do is to get people to engage and to interact with the chat bot. 

Since you cannot send messages to people who are not on your Facebook Messenger subscriber list, the first thing you have to do is to get them to interact with your chat bot.

Whether that is getting them to download a free lead gen or sign up for a free video course inside of Facebook. They would click on a link and that link would open up their Facebook Messenger where they will download that freebie.

Once they interact with your chat bot, they are now officially your subscriber. You can also create some kind of quiz that they will take inside of Facebook Messenger.

Again, once they interact with your chat bot, they are now officially your subscriber. Now once the person is a subscriber, you can actively message them on Facebook (keep in mind Facebook's Terms and Conditions and best practices, and remember... DO NOT SPAM!) 

Hence the key here is that even if you're not receiving many or any messages on Facebook, you can take the proactive approach and  use things like quizzes and surveys and lead generation freebies to get people onto your list so that you can actively engage them.

The Difference Between Engaging Your Audience Using Email VS Messenger

Now you might be wondering what's the difference between using this marketing channel versus engaging your audience with email marketing?

In fact, they're both very similar. The only difference is just the way that you communicate with your audience and that the engagement rate is higher on Facebook Messenger right now as compared to email marketing.

With email marketing, it's about 20 to 30 percent open rate and with Facebook Messenger, it's about 70 to 90 percent open rate. This is due to a lot of factors related to email marketing - Gmail's promotions tab, spam folders, crowded inboxes, and more.

At Chrys Media, we help our clients reach their business goals with a strategy that combines the power of both marketing channels - email AND messenger. 

Are you ready to start using Facebook marketing for your coaching business? Contact Chrys Media today to learn how we can move your coaching business forward with Facebook marketing.

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