Facebook marketing for plastic surgeons 6.52.16 pm

How To Use Facebook Marketing To Drive New Patients For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Facebook marketing for plastic surgeons 6.52.16 pm

It's time to give your practice a face-lift with more patients!

With seven-in-ten U.S. adults (69%) using Facebook, according to a survey conducted in early 2019, it is important that your practice has a solid Facebook marketing strategy to attract new patients.

When choosing between plastic surgeons, the easier it is for patients to find you, the more inquiries you will get and the faster your practice will grow. Facebook marketing is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to help make this happen.

Here are 2 ways your practice can use Facebook marketing to get new patients:

Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot Plastic Surgery

Potential patients want to work with a plastic surgeon that they know and trust, and when they are searching for plastic surgery services, many potential patients are going to check your Facebook page.

One of the things that your Facebook page needs is a Facebook Messenger bot.

Currently, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month, sending 20 billion messages between users and businesses every month. 

Potential patients are very likely to message your clinic to inquire about your procedures, schedule and hours, or to give feedback and/or receive support.

Why is Facebook Messenger Marketing so effective for generating new patients for plastic surgeons?

1. When potential patients message your Facebook page, you are able to provide instant customer service 24/7.

Is your office manager constantly answering the same questions about your clinic and procedures? Using a Facebook Messenger bot, your clinic can answer the most commonly asked questions automatically at scale.

This frees up your office manager to attend to other more important tasks. You are also now able to provide instant answers regardless of the day or the hour.

Of course, if a potential patient wishes to speak to a human, they can easily do so inside of your Facebook Messenger bot simply by typing their inquiries, or even directing them to make a call. We are able to set up Facebook or email notifications for the office manager to jump in during such instances.

2. Turn the people who send you Facebook Messages into actual leads.

Facebook Messenger marketing works just like email marketing. Once the Facebook Messenger bot is set up, anyone who interacts with that bot will automatically become a subscriber. For example, someone becomes your Facebook Messenger subscriber once they send your page a message (and your bot is already set up).

Once they are on your Messenger subscriber list, your clinic is now able to send them messages. This will allow you to continue to engage them and turn them from unconvinced-and-thinking-about-it to a patient.

Of course, there are Facebook rules in place to ensure that users are not being spammed with messages from businesses, which is why it is important to work with Facebook Messenger experts like Chrys Media to avoid getting into trouble with Facebook.

Facebook Ads

Running Facebook ads is an effective and fast way to get in front of your target patients. With over 2 billion active accounts, your Facebook ads reaches more eyeballs than any other social media platform.

Facebook ads also allow us to target exactly who we want to reach: their gender, age, location (down to zip code), their interests, and many other categories.

The secret to running Facebook ads that draws in new patients is to offer something of real value to them - which not just gets the Facebook user to slow their scroll and look at your ad, but also to click on it.

This should be a product or service of perceived high value that you offer for free (or at little cost). An example could be a free lip filler session or a discount off a procedure.

If your goal to generate more consultation appointments, you would want to run a lead-generation campaign. An example of an ad campaign you could run would be a photo ad on Facebook that shows off svelte bodies. The ads will also include a “Sign Up” button that links to a lead form where people could request appointments for consultations. You can also run Send To Messenger ads that will allow them to request appointments inside of Facebook Messenger. 

Are you ready to start strategizing and growing your practice with new patients using Facebook marketing? Contact Chrys Media today to learn how we can move your practice forward with Facebook marketing.

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