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Facebook F8 2019 Conference – Facebook Messenger Updates!

Hey guys, so Facebook’s F8 developer conference kicked off today, and there were a lot of important updates to Facebook Messenger that was made at the conference. During the conference, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned how messages, small groups, and stories are the fastest growing areas of online communication and that consumers want more privacy. Facebook is betting big on Messenger and wants marketers to get on board. If you are still on the fence about Facebook Messenger marketing, it is time to get over that doubt.

In the keynote address, Mark Zuckerberg said that the fastest way that we are communicating online is through private messaging, in small groups, and in stories. Facebook is also making sure that privacy is the focus across all of their apps, and Facebook Messenger is at the core of this privacy-focused vision. The goal is to make Facebook Messenger the fastest, simplest, most reliable, most secure, best private messaging experience.

Here are some updates to Facebook Messenger that you need to be aware of.


Facebook F8 conference messenger

#1. Facebook is launching a desktop app for Messenger

They are testing it right now and it hasn’t been rolled out globally yet. Facebook has said that people want to seamlessly message from any device, so they have announced the Messenger Desktop app. The desktop app will allow you to chat and video chat in a native app, not just on browser.

Now the interface does kinda look like Skype, but I’m hoping that it does not crash as often as Skype.

As a business, this means that you can message customers across multiple apps to close a sale.



#2. Watch videos together with your friends inside of Messenger

You will be able to watch videos together with other people inside of Facebook Messenger. You’ll be able to seamlessly share a video from the Facebook app on Messenger and invite others to watch the video together in real time while messaging or on a video chat.

Facebook keeps talking about this digital living room that people can hang out right in their pocket.


Facebook F8 messenger connections

#3. A dedicated place for your closest connections

Facebook is focused on community, Instagram is focused on expression, and moving forward, Messenger is going to be the social network for your closest friends and family.

Specifically, Facebook will be turning the second tab inside of Messenger into a dedicated place completely organized around your closest family and friends.

Here, you’ll be able to share status, view stories, and more.


#4. Cross-communicating across the apps

This is something I’m super excited about, which is the ability for Messenger users to be able to call and message not just their friends on Facebook, but their close friends and family on Instagram and WhatsApp.


#5. Accept appointment bookings directly inside of Messenger

You can now take an online conversation offline. This will now allow you to have instant booking with real-time availability and reminders.


#6. Drive customer acquisition through lead generation templates

The final update to Facebook Messenger are lead generation templates to Facebook ads to drive customer acquisition.

The new lead-generation template lets advertisers use Messenger to get consumers to interact with the app before being directed to a human representative.



So as you can tell, Facebook is really pushing for Messenger to be the future. And as entrepreneurs, we want to make sure that we are taking full opportunity of this right now.


What do you think about the announced changes to Facebook Messenger? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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