4 QUESTIONS TO ASK - Does My Business Need A Facebook Messenger Bot

Does My Business Need A Facebook Messenger Bot?

"Should my business be using Facebook Messenger marketing?"

That is one of the most common questions I get at conferences or after workshops. People come up to me and ask me, "Chrys, do I need to invest in a Facebook Messenger chat bot? Is Facebook Messenger marketing right for my business?"

And I understand. This is a new marketing channel. You guys might not be sure if this is a right marketing channel for you. And so here are a couple of questions you should be asking yourself.
And if you identify your business as having one of these problems, then you definitely want to address it using Facebook Messenger marketing.

1) Are you struggling with a low conversion rate? 

So you're getting people into your funnel from different traffic sources. Are you having trouble with converting some or most of these traffic? Are you facing a low conversion rate problem?

If you are facing a low conversion rate problem and you've tried different ways to optimize that conversion rate, what I encourage you to do is to look into Facebook Messenger marketing.

neil patel marketing

Neil Patel, one of the top marketers, have said that personalization is one of the best ways to optimize your conversion rate. 

And so if we know that personalization is going to help increase your conversion rate, then using Messenger marketing which is probably the most personalized marketing channels out there to communicate and engage with your audience, will help you to increase your conversion rate.

So why is messenger marketing such a great channel for personalization?

Now besides the usual personalization that we get with first names and emails, we can also send them personalized messages based on the responses that they give you while interacting with your chat bot. 

For example, as they are answering a quiz inside of the Facebook Messenger bot, they're telling you more about themselves. As they're telling you more about themselves, you are tagging them, so when you have a new product or when you have multiple products to sell to this person, you can actually tell if this person is gonna be interested in product A or B or C.

This method allows you to get really personalized and send them the messages that will resonate well with them. So if someone is telling you through the interactions with your chat bot that they're not interested in outdoor sports, you don't want to be sending them messages about buying an outdoor sport related product.

hubspot marketing

2) Are you a one marketing channel trick pony? 

What that means is that have you been focused solely on one or two marketing channels to get your audience and convert your audience and engage your audience?

If so, then I want to encourage you to look at Facebook Messenger marketing. HubSpot have said that marketing is not about reaching one person using one marketing channel anymore.

Marketing is all about interacting with your target audience using multiple channels wherever they're on.

3) Are you struggling to provide a fast 24/7 customer support? 

One of the popular use cases of a Facebook Messenger chat bot is to provide customer support on Facebook Messenger itself, as well as on your website by embedding the Facebook Messenger chat bot on the website (look at the bottom right of this page for our example!).

If you're struggling to provide a fast speedy response to people, to customers around the world, or if you are just struggling with having enough time to do everything as a solopreneur or a small business owner because you've got multiple things to do and you've got to answer inquiries as well, you can look into having a Messenger chat bot set up for not just your Facebook Messenger inbox, but also for your website.

The best part about that is that once someone comes onto your website and asks a question, you can actually reply them and start to nurture those people because now they're on your Messenger subscriber list.

Messenger Facebook retargeting ads

4) Are you running Facebook Ads or planning on running Facebook ads?

If you're advertising to people on Facebook, then you'll definitely want to consider using a Facebook Messenger chat bot.

One of the biggest reasons why you should be using a Facebook Messenger chat bot if you're running Facebook Ads is because you can actually create custom audiences based on the actions they take in Facebook Messenger, and then retarget them using ads.

Since it's a very connected system on Facebook, if you're using one feature you definitely want to be using the others to make sure you get the best results with your Facebook Ads.

Here's an example. Someone downloads your freebie inside a Facebook Messenger but they did not complete the action that you wanted them to take. Maybe they did not buy the paid product. You can export these people as a custom audience and retarget them on Facebook.


So those are the four questions you should be asking yourself if you are thinking about using
Facebook Messenger marketing. And if you answer yes to any of those four questions, then you should definitely be using Facebook Messenger marketing to either engage your audience more, to drive more conversion rate, to provide a faster better customer support and/or to get better Facebook Ads ROI.

Are you ready to start using Facebook marketing for your coaching business? Contact Chrys Media today to learn how we can move your coaching business forward with Facebook marketing.

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