BIG Changes To Facebook Messenger Marketing! (No More 24+1)

Last Thursday, Facebook announced that they will be making several changes to the Messenger platform. The changes will kick into effect 15 January 2020.

The 3 changes that Facebook announced were:

  • “24+1” rule is getting trimmed to just “24”, so the “+1” follow-up is going away
  • Subscription Messaging is being deprecated even on the Page-level and will be available only for News Pages
  • Message Tags are being streamlined from 17 tags to 4

“24+1” rule is getting trimmed to just “24”

Currently, the “24+1” rule allows us to send more or less any message inside the 24-hour window following the last user interaction PLUS 1 follow-up message after that 24-hour period (the “+1”).

Facebook is updating its standard messaging window to just 24 hours and will remove the “+1” follow-up message.

At Chrys Media, we make sure to make the most of the 24–hour rule by sending that follow-up message no more than 23 hours later.

Subscription Messaging is being deprecated even on the Page-level and will be available only for News Pages

Currently, Facebook Pages can apply for non-promotional subscription messaging approval which will allow them to send messages that fell under the use case of News, Productivity, or Personal Tracking.

Moving forward, subscription messaging permission is going to be available only for News Pages, irregardless of whether you've previously gotten approval.

Message Tags are being streamlined from 17 tags to 4

Messages Tags are a way for businesses to reach their customers after the 24-hour window is over, and is designed to support a specific use case.

Currently, there are 17 message tags but it will be streamlined to just four. After the change on 15 January 2020, these are the four Message Tags for specific use cases:

  • Confirmed Event Update: To update customers on an event they registered for, remind them about an appointment, confirm an upcoming reservation, notify of a schedule change, etc.
  • Post-Purchase Update: For non-promotional communication after a purchase. Things like purchase confirmation, payment notifications, shipping, and tracking updates, as well as delivery notifications. To send a promo code or an “other products you might like” follow-up, you’ll want to consider using sponsored messages.
  • Account Update: Notifying customers about account updates.
  • Human Agent: Live conversations with your customers. You’ll be allowed to send a live (non-automated) message to the customer for up to seven days after their last message to you.

What these changes mean is you will need a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy if you don't already have one.

If your strategy thus far has been spamming your subscribers with sales messages and messages about your latest blog posts, it is time to come up with a real strategy!

Think of Facebook Messenger bot marketing as the means to an end. It is still great for moving your audience down the funnel much faster than email, still great for lead qualification and appointment settings, and so much more.

Are you ready to start strategizing and growing your practice with new patients using Facebook marketing? Contact Chrys Media today to learn how we can move your practice forward with Facebook marketing.

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