6 Online Business Ideas For Introverts

6 Online Business Ideas For Introverts

6 Online Business Ideas For Introverts

As an online entrepreneur who doesn’t identify as an extrovert, I’ve found these online business ideas to be best suited for those who are more quiet, reserved, and introspective.

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I actually prefer working alone and can sometimes get overwhelmed being around crowds of people all the time. Of course, my years in advertising and running my own businesses have helped me get better at being more social and less shy in crowds, but I still enjoy spending time alone and working alone.

These following 6 online business ideas are businesses that I would start or have started.

6 Online Business Ideas For Introverts

#1. Social Media Consultant

The first business idea for introverts is being a social media consultant, which is part of my company’s services. Now, don’t get misled by the word “social”. Yes, you do need to interact with people, but most of the interaction, if not all, are done online.

So what does it mean to be a social media consultant? First, you can either go generic by helping businesses manage their different social media accounts, or you can be a specialist and only focus on Instagram marketing, for example. Either way, it really depends on your strengths and knowledge – if you have a deep knowledge of one social media channel and not much of the others, it is better to niche down and be known for that one social media channel.

Thinking of becoming a social media consultant but want to get better at social media marketing? Check out our various online conferences – we’ve got conferences on Pinterest marketing, general social media marketing, and many more.

#2. Web Designer or Developer

Now, don’t dismiss this idea just because you currently don’t know how to code or create websites. There are many free and paid resources online that teaches people how to code or create websites, such as Codeacademy or Udemy or even YouTube videos.

Most introverts are detail-oriented and meticulous, which makes coding or website design a great business option.

#3. Starting A Membership Site Or Online Courses

The third business idea for introverts is starting a membership site and/or selling online courses. A membership site is an online business where members pay to access premium content, features, or community.

Creating a membership community and producing online content is a great way for introverts to teach and share their knowledge without the need to teach in-person.

Membership sites also offer online entrepreneurs a stable, steady baseline of income, month after month, and is one of the best ways to establish a recurring revenue stream.

There are many options available to build your membership site, but they mostly fall into two options. The first option is cloud platforms such as Teachable, Clickfunnels, or Kajabi, which allows you to get your site up and running quickly without worrying about the tech. However, with cloud platforms, you’re renting someone else’s platform, which means while you get more convenience, you give up a lot of control over your membership.

The second option is to build a WordPress website with a membership plugin such as Memberpress. This is the better option for those of you who want complete control over your site and have greater flexibility in terms of how your website looks and functions. Using a membership plugin, you can then handle payment, user registration, and content protection.

#4. Online Virtual Assistance Company

Virtual assistants help businesses with a variety of tasks online, including designing, marketing, admin work, email marketing, and so on. You don’t even have to be the actual virtual assistant doing those daily tasks. Instead, you can hire a team of remote virtual assistants and your job would be to find clients and grow your business.

#5. Affiliate Marketer

You can build an online business by including affiliate links and products in your website or posts and earn a commission for each person referred. Affiliate marketing works great for those who know how to generate lots of monthly traffic to their website, and if you want to learn how to get more organic traffic, check out the link above.

#6. E-Commerce

The sixth online business idea for introverts is to become an E-commerce store owner. This could be you selling your own products and managing everything from production to delivery and customer support, or you could look for a manufacturer that offers drop-shipping and you become the middleman where you don’t actually keep the products you sell in stock.

Instead, with dropshipping, when your E-commerce store sells a product, you’ll purchase the item from the manufacturer who then ships it directly to the buyer, without you ever seeing or touching the product.


Which of these online business ideas would you start with, and why? Let me know in the comments section below.

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