33 social media experts share their strategies

33 Social Media Experts Share Their Social Media Strategies

We recently ran our first online conference, Social Media Online Summit 2018, where we interviewed some of the world’s top social media experts.

Social Media Online Summit was one of 2018’s largest online social media conference, and the speakers shared cutting-edge social media strategies that are actionable and effective.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies You Need To Know

Below are some highlights of the strategies of some of the SMOS18 speakers. Dig into this epic post to learn how the different strategies across different social media platforms.



Rich Brooks

President of flyte new media

You should not try to do everything on every single social media platform, especially if you’re just getting started. Choose 1 social media platform and focus on building up an audience there, and then expanding to other platforms.

For example, your business does not need to be on Twitter if none of your fans or customers are going to be on Twitter.



Brian Peters

Digital Marketing Strategist at Buffer

Even though we have seen a decrease in organic reach on the various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, there is still a lot of room out there for brands to carve out a niche for themselves by consistently creating very high quality content that their audience interacts with.



Calli Cholodenko

Founder of Something Social

Engage with your community. That doesn’t mean following and unfollowing, liking, and commenting. It means caring about the comments, responding to the questions, answering every single Direct Message, celebrating your loyal fans, giving back to the people that are supporting you, and creating opportunities for others to be part of your story.



Ryan Steinolfson

CEO and Founder of Accelerate Marketing

Live videos allow brands to create an experience for their viewers and followers, get creative and think outside of the box, and also humanize a brand.



Dan Gingiss

Author of Winning At Social Customer Care

Customer expectations + emotions = a willingness to share. When brands exceed customer expectations, they make their customers happy and people are very willing to share good experiences. When brands miss expectations, they make customers sad or angry.

Unfortunately for brands, that also creates a very high willingness to share, so you would want to create as many positive experiences as you can so that they outweigh the negative experiences and your lovers become louder than your haters on social media.



Brian Meert

CEO of AdvertiseMint

You only have a short window to grab someone’s attention on Facebook. So create very fast-paced and short content that are 3 seconds, 6 seconds, maybe 15 seconds at the most. Short videos that make one strong point very quickly are what I see performing best right now.



Stephanie Liu

Digital Marketing Strategist and Host of Lights, Camera, LIVE

Viewers are watching live video 3 times longer than regular video, and are engaging 10 times more in terms of comments. So just imagine what you could do with your brand by keeping yourself top of mind and tip of tongue by leveraging Facebook live videos.



Azriel Ratz

CEO of Ratz Pack Media

When running new Facebook ads, do not touch your ads the first 2 days because Facebook is still optimizing and they do not really know who to target. Ignore any spent that you spent on day 1, because that’s just Facebook throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks and they respond accordingly after that.

On day 2, you can look at the ad sets and the CPM is your first indicator because that is what Facebook charges you on. If you have a low CPM, what it means is that your messaging is good and your audience is good. It means you’re talking to the right people, and you’re saying the right thing to those people.



Gavin Bell

UK’s Leading Facebook Advertising Consultant

What a lot of small businesses do, which is a total waste of money, is just boosting posts here and there with no real reason. You probably end up spending more because you are paying 20 pounds here, 10 pounds there, 50 quids there.

By the end of the month, they would have spent 500 quid with nothing in return. Instead, put more money behind a post only if you get a post that is working really well organically.



Molly Mahoney

Performer and Facebook Live Expert

Email open rates are about twenty percent right now on average, whereas Facebook Messenger open rates are around eighty percent on average right now. If you want people to actually see what you’re sending them, Facebook Messenger bot is a much better solution.



Alex Fedotoff

CEO of AF Media and Facebook Ads Expert

For e-commerce retargeting ads on Facebook, if they have added some products to cart, the retarget ads would send them directly back to the cart. If they initiate a checkout but never purchase, I would give them the reason to buy – a coupon code, for example.



Rachel Pedersen

Social Media Strategist and Founder of Social Media United

Split testing of Facebook ads does not work if you do not have a budget. Many people are on a budget of ten dollars a day, and they are split testing and have several different tests going at five dollars a day. However, you really need to have a lot more data than that, so it is important to have a budget for split testing.



Holly Homer

Professional Blogger and Owner of Quirky Momma Facebook Page

What we post on our Facebook page is totally determined on what Facebook Insights tell us. You can see how many people looked at the post, how many people clicked on it, how many people Facebook showed it to, and more. Simply, if you open your Insights, there is the orange bar, and short orange bars are bad while long orange bars are good.



Maxwell Finn

Facebook Advertising and E-Commerce Expert

If you are a new brand, a new product, higher price-point product, you would want to start building and nurturing your audience several weeks before you plan to launch. Build up a good amount of traffic on the website to retarget, and ideally build up some type of messenger or email list so you can start to nurture those people.



Sue B. Zimmerman

Instagram Expert

The way that you engage on Instagram should always be with a strategy and intention, and only engaging on posts that really bring you value. And what does value mean?

It means different things to different people. It might mean being informed, being educated, maybe just laughing and smiling, or being entertained in a way that brings them back to your feed over and over again.



Erin Cell

Founder of Socially Powered

I personally believe in the 90/10 rule. What that means is 90 percent of the time you are posting educational, inspirational, informative, entertaining types of posts. And the other 10 percent are promotional in nature.



Marley Baird

Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Running an Instagram contest is a great way to get in front of a new audience, especially if you’re collaborating with other influencers or followers of their brands. You can use an Instagram contest as a lead magnet if you have an opt-in form, if you’re trying to get people to join your email list.



Nicky Kriel

Social Media Coach, Trainer, And Consultant

When you retweet, you build relationships with people. You do notice when somebody’s paying attention and sharing your content. So if you want to build relationships with influencers, retweeting is a strategy I would recommend that you do, although not all the time, obviously.



Mike Kawula

CEO of Social Quant

Optimize your profile. Make sure that you have a very good Twitter cover that explains clearly what you do, and think of a Twitter cover like a billboard when you’re going down the highway.

People want to see a face when they are interacting, so put a good profile picture there.

Do not use hashtags in your bio unless that hashtag is unique to your brand, because people are trained to click on hyperlinks. Unless you rank for that keyword, which most people don’t, you are out of mind because now they are looking at other profiles ranked on top.



Madalyn Sklar

Leading Twitter Marketing Expert

Twitter Chat is a great way to bring people together and it revolves around a hashtag. Participating is great for both individuals and brands to be around like-minded people.

By actively participating, everybody gets to know you. They will look at your Twitter bio and learn all about you, since you are not there to sell, but rather to chat, to talk, to converse with people.



Alisa Meredith

Pinterest Marketer and Content Manager at Tailwind

When running Promoted Pin campaigns on Pinterest, think about your sales cycle. If it usually takes a week from the first time people see your ads to the time they buy, give it at least two weeks.

Because of the way Pinterest users act, you need to give it longer than you think it’s gonna take. You never want to run a campaign for fewer than three to four weeks.



Louise Myers

Pinterest Visual Expert

Pinterest is very aspirational and people are on Pinterest looking for something that inspires them. You want to help them achieve that and show them how they can achieve that. My pins start with my blog posts, so I would start by writing a valuable post that has a specific audience in mind.



Summer Tannhauser

Business and Marketing Mentor

If you have not used Pinterest for a while or you have a brand-new account, start by getting active on a very consistent, daily basis. Pinterest rewards accounts that are consistently active.

Start by pinning every single day, using a scheduling program if you want to, and making sure that you’re pinning your own content even from the beginning.



Monica Froese

Pinterest Trainer and Founder of Redefining Mom

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media site. In order to get your pins seen, Pinterest needs to understand what your pin is about through the keywords you use for your pins. You would want to use proper keywords that make sense for the pin.



Thomas Cilius

CEO and Co-Founder of Snaplytics

Snapchat is very sticky for those actually using it but you should probably see it as a platform you can offer to those who are really in love with your brand – the real brand ambassadors of your brand.

Any brand can be on Snapchat, but it is not going to be your first platform to be on. You need to have a really good social media crowd on the other platforms first, because people are not able to just find you on Snapchat. They need to know you are there, and for them to know that, you need to advertise somewhere else.



Austin Iuliano

Snapchat Storyteller, Content Creator at dscience.co, and Creator of Snapchat Mastery

Take the time to have conversations with people one-on-one every day, regardless of the social media platform you are on. You will start attracting a community and turn people from just simply going onto Instagram and liking your photos, to actually giving a crap about what you are doing and looking forward to your content.



Andy Burgess

Snapchat Influencer and Filmmaker

Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer who is watching your stories. Because people’s attention span are so short on social media, you have to think about how to stop people from skipping your Snapchat stories – things like getting to the point and not rambling about when you’re talking on Snapchat.



Roberto Blake

YouTube Influencer

To grow a YouTube channel in 2018, create episodic content and mini-series, which could be short series of five to ten episodes. I would start making my first 30 videos into 5 series that might be 6 episodes each, and I have to cycle and get repetitive watch time.

I will then have playlists and watch time loops working in my favor, because people are watching one video after another in sequence, which means they are staying on my channel longer.



Tom Breeze

YouTube Ads Expert and CEO of Viewability

To create effective YouTube video ads, start with the user in mind, and understand exactly what it is that they want. Don’t push your product too direct into their faces. Be personal, understand their problems, and then offer the solution.



Sean Cannell

YouTube Influencer

100% of YouTube channels started with 0 subscribers, everyone started with 0. YouTube channels grow one person at a time. Businesses grow one customer at a time.

When we approach YouTube, we should have discipline and a long-term mindset that you have got to grind and it might be a while before you get traction.



Brett Curry

CEO of OMG Commerce

A lot times people are on YouTube to find a ‘How to’ video, or they are going to look for shopping or product ideas. Since they are going to YouTube with a specific purpose, it can lead to people taking action.

When a person that was on your site and is now on YouTube, you can show an ad to them and try to woo them back to your website to purchase.



Alex Pirouz

CEO of Linkfluencer

You need to know who your target market is, and then design your LinkedIn profile based on what your target audience wants to see, what they would want to hear, and what type of person they would want to connect with.



Christine Hueber

#1 LinkedIn All-Time Top Expert

Connect, Cultivate and Close. To be the most effective with connecting, you would want to only reach out to your second degree connections. Next, send a welcome message, welcoming them into your network. Start to move the conversation in the direction that you want it to go, which is gathering information and not immediate selling.



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