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Chrys Media teaches ambitious entrepreneurs and marketers proven strategies on growing their business through our online conferences, courses, and resources - straight from the experts themselves.
Hi, I'm Chrys Tan, absolutely-not-an-expert marketer and entrepreneur. In my early twenties, I turned down a college scholarship by University of Oregon so that I could move to Thailand and learn a new language and pick up new skills. I ended up starting a small t-shirt business, which was fun while it lasted until my visa ran out.

Starting my first business
Fast forward. After 7 years of being in the advertising industry, I realised I hated my job and had zero desire to climb the corporate ladder (much to the dismay of my Asian bosses). At the same time, my desire to start a business was growing day by day, and so in 2015 I left to start my first business called Yo! Fit Pass (don't judge - I wanted an easy-to-remember name).

I was selling online memberships to different gyms and healthy food places in Singapore, but I quickly realised that while my product had more benefits than my competitors, they were heavily funded and had the funds to burn while acquiring new customers. At this stage, I was learning as much as possible about raising capital and pitching to investors, but my small inexperienced team of just me and my new co-founder could not convince the investors and startup accelerators that we pitched to.

Pivoting to my second business
Realising we could not profitably go on longer, we decided to pivot Yo! Fit Pass to MISO, an app that shows the nearest gyms and healthy food places. We were frequent travelers and into the healthy lifestyle, so we decided to create this app. The biggest mistake we made was not validating the idea, because if we had, we would have realised that there was little market demand for an app like this when we've got Google Search.

Down, but not defeated
In 2017, we both decided to stop working on MISO. It was soul (and ego) crushing, because despite my years of marketing and selling clients' products, I could not sell my own! It was then that I realised - the corporate knowledge that I had was not what I needed to start and grow a business

I started poring over marketing and entrepreneur blogs and listening to guys like Pat Flynn, Noah Kagan, Tim Ferris. But I wanted to learn more by having 1-on-1 conversations with people from different fields - Facebook marketing, using LinkedIn, ranking in search engines, writing great content, etc.

The birth of Chrys Media
Late of 2017, I discovered interviewing and online conferences a.k.a virtual summits. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to dig into the strategies of experts 1-on-1, while sharing these sessions with other entrepreneurs and marketers who might also be in the same shoe - trying to get more traffic, more leads, and sales for our business.

Chrys Media gets traction
And so late 2017, I started planning Chrys Media's first online conference, Social Media Online Summit. Remember, I was literally a nobody and not an expert (still am!), yet 40+ of the world's top social media experts gave me their time and allowed me to interview them 1-on-1. At the end of the conference, I grew my list from 0 to more than 5,000 email leads, and brought in our first profitable revenue.

Chrys Media Interview
Chrys Media Today
Today Chrys Media is a resource where entrepreneurs and marketers can learn from the best of the best - at the comfort of their own homes. We now launch multiple online conferences each year, as well as courses, free resources, articles, and our YouTube channel - all focused on giving the best real-world strategies to grow a business.

Our expert speakers are leaders in their fields, and have taken time to share their strategies and teach others the lessons they've learned. Experts such as Sue B. Zimmerman who taught us how to use Instagram marketing strategies, Maxwell Finn who shared how to use Facebook ads to launch a product, Brad Geddes who kindly shared his Google ads testing strategies, and the 100+ other speakers who've shared freely. 


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